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Podcast: Curating Games and Open Ended Development

This week I went on the excellent Perceptive Podcast once again, which is always a pleasure.  This time we discussed a variety of things: Open-ended development and how that differs from traditional linear game development. Why I think the new Curator system on Steam is the bee’s knees, and why I hope other stores do […]

The Dirty Dozen Sale on

Bionic Dues and 11 other indie titles are on discount this week direct from the developers, thanks to the inaugural Dirty Dozen sale collaboration with Show Me The Games. Speaking on Bionic Dues, Keith and forum user nas1m (among others) have really helped breathe new life into the game over the past couple months. New options, new […]

Exodus Of The Machine Teaser 1

Exodus Of The Machine is a new strategic journey game by Arcen Games, set in the universe of the cult classic AI War: Fleet Command.  Lead a team trapped on a hostile planet and desperately pursuing a threat which could destroy humanity outright.  Vicious predators, clashing armies, and political intrigue stand in your way.  None […]

A Valley Without Wind Selected For IndieCade E3 Showcase

We’re excited to share that A Valley Without Wind has been selected to be a part of the IndieCade Showcase at E3 next week. A really pleasant surprise, as it’s something we didn’t even consider as a possibility when we submitted the game to the festival earlier this year. Along with AVWW, 19 other excellent indies will be on […]

Frozen Synapse: Red Release And New Valley Reviews/Videos

Our good friends at Mode 7 Games have released the Red expansion for their tactical heaven Frozen Synapse. They’ve added co-op, and a new campaign, and a new multiplayer mode, and…well, a ton of good stuff. It’s absolutely jam-packed, and does more than just slap a fresh coat of (red) paint on one of the better indie […]

Indie Game Sales, Bundles, And AVWW Stuff

Big things happening these days. A Valley Without Wind has seen several more additions and refinements over the past week as we approach the 1.1 (and first official) update for the game. We also have a pretty cool announcement we’ve been sitting on for a few days that hopefully we’ll be able to share before the weekend, […]

Gratuitous Tank Battles Out Now (Also New Arcen Press)

Our good friend Cliff Harris of Positech has officially released his latest title, Gratuitous Tank Battles. The game looks (and is) fantastic already, plus he’s aiming to provide a goodly amount of post-launch support for the title; with mod support first up on his list. You can purchase GTB now through Positech directly, on Steam, Gamersgate, […]

SavyGamer’s Anniversary Sale: AI War, Tidalis, And More

Our friend Lewie P. is celebrating the fifth anniversary of his bargain games site SavyGamer, and in effort to spread the love around he’s organized a nice promotion that has several developers offering significant discounts on their titles over the next week. Using the coupon code “SavyGamer5” when purchasing AI War Alien Bundle (or any of its products) and/or […]

GDC 2012 Wrap-Up

Earlier this month I attended GDC in San Francisco, it was my first time doing so and it ended up being quite an experience. I was pulling double duty, covering the event itself and its happenings as a journalist for DIYGamer and MCV during the day, and talking Arcen and indie game development in general […]

Gratuitous Tank Battles Pre-Order And Beta

Wanted to drop a quick note that our good friend and excellent indie game designer/developer Cliff Harris has announced the beta launch for his new game Gratuitous Tank Battles. As RPS notes, the game is a mix of RTS, simulation, and tower defense. It’s set as if World War I never came to an end — with trench warfare evolving through […]

Show Me The Games Indie Sale

Our friend Cliff Harris has launched an awesome sale over on Show Me The Games. Aptly titled Show Me The Sales, you’ll find Tidalis, AI War, and over a dozen other excellent indie games for a fraction of their standard price tag. The cool thing about the sale, other than the nice discounts, is that […]

Steam One Day sale – Indie Puzzle Pack

Tidalis is a part of Steam’s Indie Puzzle Pack, a one day sale. At the time of writing this there is only 14 hours remaining to get this sale. 5 great games for 5$: Grab them while it’s hot!

It Rocks When Indies Cooperate

The article UK Dev Gets Off Arse – Makes Indie Portal on Spong talks about, something that Arcen — and 19 other indie developers, including Positech, 2D Boy, and many others — have been quietly working on for the last month or two.  Time flies, I forget exactly how long it’s been. And I […]

Announcing… The Indie Strategy Bundle!

Indie developers Arcen Games, Cryptic Comet, and Positech Games have joined forces to bring strategy fans the ultimate bundle: Gratuitous Space Battles + The Tribe Expansion, Solium Infernum, and AI War + The Zenith Remnant Expansion. This weekend only, the three companies are offering this special package for a mere $49.99 (for the math impaired, […]

Playing Well With Others

Okay, so you’ve seen the post I made about the Indie Strategy Bundle, which was just a re-post of Cliff’s, Vic’s, and my press release. Cliff and Vic, naturally, made much more interesting posts on their own blogs, talking about the context of the bundle, their own feelings about it, etc. I thought I’d add […]

Indie XMas, And The Start Of A New Adventure

First off, let me plug the Indie Games Xmas 2009 Calendar. This was something originally proposed over on the excellent GameProducer blog, which we at Arcen quickly knew we wanted to be a part of. The idea is that this is an Advent Calendar wherein every day a new indie game, trailer, or similar is […]

Independent Gaming Article At Gaming Daily

David from Gaming Daily has written a nice article about the state of independent gaming. The discussion is on how and why indie games differ from their AAA counterparts, and cites AI War as an example in several spots: Independent Gaming