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Soundtrack Previews For Shattered Haven And Ancient Shadows

Pablo has been hard at work as usual, and is producing some of his best music ever.  He’s learned some improved mastering techniques, and at some point in the coming months is going to be working on remastering the AVWW and AI War soundtracks in general.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of new tracks […]

WIP Images From The A Valley Without Wind Art Revamp

These aren’t final yet, but it’s been a while since we’ve shared any images from the art rework project and I wanted to give you a taste of what’s coming.  These are coming along well! Part of a scrolling parallax backdrop Desert Building Desert Building 2 Desert Hut Again, bear in mind that none of […]

Revised Logo For Ancient Shadows

In case you missed it from our main news blog, the beta and preorders for AI War: Ancient Shadows began yesterday! One particular complaint that caught me by surprise was about the logo for the expansion, which was using a font that apparently is widely-reviled.  Algerian wasn’t a font I was terribly familiar with (not […]

Analyzing A Valley Without Wind’s Further Transformation From 1.1 to 1.2

It really hasn’t been all that long since my reflections on the changes from 1.0 to 1.1, and yet already we’re to another major turning point for the game. Version 1.2 represents three huge steps forward for the game, despite the fact that the 1.2 release notes aren’t as fantastically long as the prior ones […]

Reflections On A Valley Without Wind’s Transformation From 1.0 to 1.1

Whew!  It’s been a busy month and a half since A Valley Without Wind 1.0 launched. The release notes are available online in full, and I won’t even attempt to summarize all that has happened during this period.  Microsoft Word informs me that the release notes are about 48,500 words long (the equivalent of 194 […]

Our New Agenda For The Last Week Prior To AVWW 1.0.

The short version: we’re going into bugfix, polish, and usability mode between now and about Thursday.  Then Friday I’ll be getting stuff to the various distributors so that everything can be all hooked up for a release on Monday.  Then this weekend I’m going to take the weekend off (barring unforeseen catastrophic issues); it’ll be […]

Bits And Pieces From PAX East

Volatar on the forums reminded me that I needed to do a post about how PAX went — so here I am!  It’s been a whirlwind since getting back from PAX, and I still have an enormous backlog of emails that I’ve not yet had a chance to respond to.  I’m getting to them — […]

Images Of Our AVWW Banners For PAX East!

These are all at a lower scale, of course, but I thought you might enjoy these.  The first two are being printed at 3 feet by five 5 feet in size and will go on either side of our 33 inch video monitor mounted at the back of our booth.  The third image is being […]

A Crash Course On A Valley Without Wind

So… today for me has been pretty much all about the documentation.  I wanted to go ahead and get this done so that Erik could start using it in his emails to press. I had something similar for AI War that was hugely useful for explaining to new players (and to press) just what it […]

Thoughts On Post-1.0 AVWW In The Wake Of Terraria’s Development Halt

Like many others, I recently read the news that Terraria is no longer going to be actively developed First, A Few Thoughts About Terraria (Full Disclosure: Which I Still Have Yet To Play) 1. It’s sad news for the fans of the game, but ultimately they more than got their money’s worth.  The game is […]

A Valley Without Wind, Vol. 1 soundtrack on sale!

After a long year, the first soundtrack to our game “A Valley Without Wind, Vol. 1” is now on sale! It’s available through iTunes (search for “A Valley Without Wind” in the iTunes store). It’s also available for purchase at Band Camp: you can purchase it on Amazon: These are remastered high quality versions of the […]

Before And After Screenshots Of AVWW With The Recent Visual Improvements

Since the game has gone through so many graphical improvements in the last few weeks — first GUI, then the skies, and now the HUD — I thought I’d post some before and after screenshots. Here’s the first pair: This one I managed to get pretty close between the two versions:  both in grasslands areas, […]

One More Piece Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

Been working on a variety of things today, but among them was a third piece of concept art.  I feel like this one emphasizes the sci-fi side of things more than the second one, but I’m not sure I actually like this one better than the second one; the composition and the colors aren’t quite […]

Two Pieces Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

I’ve been working on doing some new concept art today so that we’d have a better boxart image than the old one, which has been feeling embarrassingly lame lately.  Here are the first two that I’ve created, and I plan to do at least one more in the next week. The second one at the […]

A Valley Without Wind Soundtrack Preview!

If you’ve enjoyed the music you’ve heard in A Valley Without Wind so far, then check out Pablo’s Sound Cloud page with a preview of some new tracks!

Happy Holidays From Arcen Games!

I’m a bit late on posting this, but I just wanted to say thanks to all of our supporters who made this year our most successful yet as an indie developer.  We’re all hugely grateful, and hope that you have a happy, restful holiday season with your family.  And that you have plenty of time […]

The Power-Coding Sprint Is Over — So What’s The Agenda Now?

For the last week, we’ve been working on power-coding.  That took us through multiplayer sync models and enemy/character stats balance, to a whole new health subsystem, to the addition of continents and a whole new mana subsystem, to a new mission system, and finally ending up with the removal of tiers, the complete revamping of […]

AVWW Multiplayer: The Shattering Of The Multiverse

On Friday we announced the first public alpha of multiplayer, and feedback on that was very positive except for one major point, which was could not have been received more negatively.  The point in question is the “multiverse thing,” which is detailed here.What Happens Next With “The Multiverse Thing”Firstly to go ahead with the most […]

Work Continues On The New AI System, Among Other Things

Well, I’d hoped to have the new AI system ready for a release today or even yesterday, but things don’t always go to plan.  At first I was just going to make it so that enemies could do multiple types of magic attacks.  Then I decided to wrap in some of their general logic so […]

New A Valley Without Wind Video Trailer!

Just in time for Minecon, here’s the latest and greatest trailer for the game!  Erik and his friend Kevin really pulled out all the stops with this one, and I think it’s our best-put-together trailer yet.  It’s also far superior to the prior trailer in that it shows off a lot of the new spells, […]

A Week Without Updates!? An AVWW Status Report.

Ever since beta started, we’ve hardly gone a business day without updates, but here we’ve now gone a week since the last AVWW update.  Fear not!  This isn’t the start of some new trend.  It’s just been a confluence of events. First of all, I was out of the office last Thursday and Friday due […]

More Reflections After A Month Of A Valley Without Wind’s Beta

Has it really been a whole month since beta came out?  How time flies.  It’s been a while since I wrote my two-week “thoughts on the beta” post, so I thought I’d do another such post The game is still growing at a hefty rate, but we’re no longer in that period where we’re spending […]

Some Reflections After Two Weeks Of A Valley Without Wind’s Beta

If you’ve been following the main Arcen News Blog, or the AVWW Forum, or any of our social media, then I’m sure you’ve seen that we’ve put out a few metric tons of releases for A Valley Without wind in the last two weeks.  We’re presently working on update #20, actually. So, how have things […]

AVWW Update: Windstorms, Fast-Travel, Vengeful Ghosts, Strategic Overlay, Citybuilding, Character Selection/Stats, Caving, Boss Types

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, but we’ve been hard at work!  No video  this time, but I wanted to tell you about a few things that are new or altered in the game, since we’re getting close to public beta.  We’re hoping to hit that stage in about another week […]

A Valley Without Wind #14 – Beta Gameplay Footage Part Two (Crafting!)

This time the video is all narration, and covers just about everything I would have said in a blog post after this past week.  So very short post this time, and here’s the video: Video NotesGameplay footage after about 30 weeks of development.  No music this time, sorry, as the voiceover runs throughout and is […]

AVWW: New Character Models, Time Period Details, and 17 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Arcen Games is wholly excited to announce new updates for their procedurally-generated exploration and survival game A Valley Without Wind. A ton of work has been put in over the past couple months, as the game edges closer to its first playable beta. Today includes reveals for brand new character models, the introduction of armor […]

A Valley Without Wind #13 – Beta Gameplay Footage Part One (Video)

It’s been just about two months since we last did a video of AVWW, and we’ve been very busy! This is the first true “gameplay video” that we’ve ever done, where it’s all one long un-cut stretch of in-game footage rather than a trailer with chopped-up clips. This is also the first time we’ve ever […]

New Character Concept Art For AVWW, And Time Period Details

The below images are not screenshots, but rather are un-processed original renders that then get scaled down to smaller size for actually being used in-game.  So, hence the label “concept art.” That said, this is basically how they look except smaller when it comes to the in-game running around graphics, while the in-game portraits are […]