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Bionic Dues: First 10 Screenshots!

In my last post about Bionic, which was actually earlier today, I said that I would soon be posting some actual in-game screenshots of Bionic Dues.  I bet you didn’t think it would be this soon!  Anyway, I’m really excited to share these with you. Click for the full-size versions of all of these, and […]

Bionic Dues: Welcome To Port City

Bionic Dues will have a number of cities for you to do your campaigns in.  So far the only one that we’ve implemented is Port City, which you can see an artist’s rendering of below. Note that the below is not in-game graphics, although a scaled-down version of this does show in the Start New […]

Bionic Dues Boxart

Thought you might enjoy seeing the box art for our upcoming title Bionic Dues, as well as the portrait of the Assault Exo that is part of it.  Cheers!

Skyward Collapse and Nihon no Mura Wallpapers!

Just in case you missed it back when Skyward Collapse originally came out, we created an awesome 1920×1080 wallpaper for you: [Full-sized version here] That one is a repeat if you’ve been around for a while with the game.  However, the 3000×2000 below wallpaper is all new! [Full-sized version here] Both of these pieces were […]

Art Walkthrough: Lighting Robots

The robots and “Exos” in Bionic Dues go through a five-stage process.  First they are sketched by one of a variety of artists.  Then they are inked (have their lines cleaned up) by one of a couple of artists (typically Genna or our own Daniette “Blue” Wood).  Then they are colored by Catherine.  Then animated […]

Nick Trujillo Presents: Skyward Collapse Comic (Complete Collection)

The entire collection of Nick Trujillo’s comic is here for your enjoyment!  Skyward Collapse comes out later today on Steam, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, and our own site. About The CollaborationI became aware of Nick Trujillo through the Strip Search reality show that Penny Arcade has been running.  Nick was my personal favorite to win, […]

Nick Trujillo Presents: Skyward Collapse Comic Page 4

The fourth page of Nick Trujillo’s comic is now up!  Here are page one, page two and page 3 if you missed them.  One more page is in the works and will be available shortly. The release of Skyward Collapse is on the 23rd — that’s tomorrow!  Enjoy!

Nick Trujillo Presents: Skyward Collapse Comic Page 3

The third page of Nick Trujillo’s comic is now up!  Here are page one and page two if you missed them.  Two more pages are in the works, which will be released periodically leading up to the release of Skyward Collapse on the 23rd — that’s this Thursday.  Enjoy!

Nick Trujillo Presents: Skyward Collapse Comic Page 2

The second page of Nick Trujillo’s comic is now up!  Here’s page one if you missed it.  Three more pages are in the works, which will be released periodically leading up to the release of Skyward Collapse on the 23rd.  Enjoy!

Nick Trujillo Presents: Skyward Collapse Comic Page 1

I became aware of Nick Trujillo through the Strip Search reality show that Penny Arcade has been running.  Nick was my personal favorite to win, so I was surprised to see him eliminated when he was.  Bad days happen to everyone, though. I have a huge love of comics in general, and so had been […]

Skyward Collapse Wallpaper

Skyward Collapse is heading to 1.0 in just about a month, and beta within about two weeks.  We’ll have more details on the game as we get closer and closer to that time, plus a few other surprises that I think you’ll find very fun. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you this […]

Skyward Collapse Teaser 2: Unit Sketches and More Details

So, we recently announced Skyward Collapse.  If you missed it, it’s something we’re really excited about. However, we only showed a single screenshot with some of the final-quality map tiles, tokens, and skies in them.  Needless to say, the rest of the art is still in various states of completion, ranging from sketches to coloring […]

Twelve Shattered Haven Screenshots

I can’t quite say that these are the “first” screenshots of Shattered Haven, because there were some really ancient ones posted of the game way back in 2009, and more recently I posted about the evolution of the graphics of one particular level.  So there have been little peeks here and there, but by and […]

Valley 2 Enters Private Alpha — First Alpha Screens And Video!

Up until now, I’ve been guarded about showing media relating to

Meet Some Of The Monsters Of Valley 2 (Concept Art)

I thought that folks might enjoy seeing some more of the concept art sketches for various of the 120 new enemies that are coming for A Valley Without Wind 2.  These concept sketches are done at Heavy Cat for purposes of informing the final sprites that will be created of each monster; these aren’t the […]

New WIP Art Images For A Valley Without Wind

It’s been exactly a month since my last post of WIP art on AVWW!  Fear not, it’s not because not much has been going on — it’s because a ton has, but we can’t quite talk about it yet.  That said, the art is proceeding really well and I thought I’d share these bits of […]

Shattered Haven Artwork Preview

So, you may remember that we’re currently working on a project called Shattered Haven: Heavy Cat Studios, who are also doing the art revamp for A Valley Without Wind, have been hard at work on the graphics for Shattered Haven as well.  The two games have a very different in-game style, as SH is a […]

WIP Images From The A Valley Without Wind Art Revamp

These aren’t final yet, but it’s been a while since we’ve shared any images from the art rework project and I wanted to give you a taste of what’s coming.  These are coming along well! Part of a scrolling parallax backdrop Desert Building Desert Building 2 Desert Hut Again, bear in mind that none of […]

Revised Logo For Ancient Shadows

In case you missed it from our main news blog, the beta and preorders for AI War: Ancient Shadows began yesterday! One particular complaint that caught me by surprise was about the logo for the expansion, which was using a font that apparently is widely-reviled.  Algerian wasn’t a font I was terribly familiar with (not […]

Images Of Our AVWW Banners For PAX East!

These are all at a lower scale, of course, but I thought you might enjoy these.  The first two are being printed at 3 feet by five 5 feet in size and will go on either side of our 33 inch video monitor mounted at the back of our booth.  The third image is being […]

Before And After Screenshots Of AVWW With The Recent Visual Improvements

Since the game has gone through so many graphical improvements in the last few weeks — first GUI, then the skies, and now the HUD — I thought I’d post some before and after screenshots. Here’s the first pair: This one I managed to get pretty close between the two versions:  both in grasslands areas, […]

One More Piece Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

Been working on a variety of things today, but among them was a third piece of concept art.  I feel like this one emphasizes the sci-fi side of things more than the second one, but I’m not sure I actually like this one better than the second one; the composition and the colors aren’t quite […]

Two Pieces Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

I’ve been working on doing some new concept art today so that we’d have a better boxart image than the old one, which has been feeling embarrassingly lame lately.  Here are the first two that I’ve created, and I plan to do at least one more in the next week. The second one at the […]

AVWW: New Character Models, Time Period Details, and 17 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Arcen Games is wholly excited to announce new updates for their procedurally-generated exploration and survival game A Valley Without Wind. A ton of work has been put in over the past couple months, as the game edges closer to its first playable beta. Today includes reveals for brand new character models, the introduction of armor […]

New Character Concept Art For AVWW, And Time Period Details

The below images are not screenshots, but rather are un-processed original renders that then get scaled down to smaller size for actually being used in-game.  So, hence the label “concept art.” That said, this is basically how they look except smaller when it comes to the in-game running around graphics, while the in-game portraits are […]

WIP Screenshots of AVWW Crafting Workbenches

New WIP screenshots to share! These ones including some new art by the awesome Phil, who you might recall as the artist behind Tidalis, AI War 2.0, and The Zenith Remnant. Phil has mostly been working on freelance work with other indies since Arcen hit financial difficulties last year when Tidalis got off to a […]

A Few New AVWW WIP Screenshots: Rhinos, Crafting, And Early Dungeon Maps

So, last week we briefly showed screenshots of the new world map and character select screens.  We’re still a few weeks away from being able to do our next large gameplay videos and huge diary entries (we really want to show off a ton of things in those all at once), but here’s a few […]

New AVWW World Map And Character Select Previews

Not a full developer diary today — but I did want to share a couple of things since it’s been a while.  We’ve got a few full diaries with videos and lots of details coming up before too long, but in the meantime there are a few things that I can show well with screenshots. […]