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Steam Deals: Last Federation, AI War, and Other Arcen Titles On Sale This Week

A quick note that almost all of our library is on sale this week as part of Steam’s latest week-long deals, with discounts ranging from 51% to 86% off individual products. Starward Rogue isn’t included this time around due to its recent release, but the game will carry another minor discount in the coming weeks.

Update: Starward Rogue Launches, Arcen and Humble Celebrate with Catalog-wide Sale

Update: The Bionic Dues free gift promotion has now ended — though our whole library will continue to carry major discounts on Humble store through this week. Original Post: We’ve teamed up with Humble to offer a special free download of Bionic Dues in celebration of our new release, Starward Rogue — out now on […]

Hey, the Arcen wiki is now open for all to edit!

 Well hello!  I’ll have more information on Stars Beyond Reach later in the week.  But for the moment, I wanted to give a quick important announcement about our wiki.  Previously it was invite-only, and mainly edited by staff.  Consequently it was often out of date. Now it’s open to anyone to edit, although you do […]

Arcen Titles Hit IndieGameStand, Up To 85% Off This Week

Wanted to drop a quick note that all of our releases are now available on the IndieGameStand storefront. To celebrate, we’re running a week-long promotion with the site carrying the following discounts: AI War Collection (2014) — 75% off Tidalis — 80% off A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack — 80% off Shattered Haven […]

Bionic Dues Official 1.101 “PerformanceBot” Released!

This one includes drastically increases the graphical performance for the game. It also has a few bugfixes, and two new conducts: Shorter Campaign and Random Exos. Enjoy! Click here for the official forum discussion about this release.

Bionic Dues Official 1.100 Released!

This one includes the real images for the new achievements (many thanks to community member nas1m for working on these!) and a single small bugfix for the shotgun. Steam integration for the new achievements will come soon, and won’t require a further client-side update. And that will mark the end of the 1.1 cycle. Hopefully […]

Bionic Dues Official 1.017 “Conduct Yourself!” Released!

1.017 marks the official release of the improvements from 8 separate beta releases, including: * New optional “Conducts” such as the much-requested “Dead Is Dead” (losing an exo is permanent) to the relentless “On Your Toes” (you only get 5 seconds to pick your next action in missions). * Massive rebalancing of the bot population […]

The Dirty Dozen Sale on

Bionic Dues and 11 other indie titles are on discount this week direct from the developers, thanks to the inaugural Dirty Dozen sale collaboration with Show Me The Games. Speaking on Bionic Dues, Keith and forum user nas1m (among others) have really helped breathe new life into the game over the past couple months. New options, new […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.016 “Next Official’s Release Candidate 2” Released!

This one is a bit more tidying up in preparation for the next official release. I’m hoping that will be later this week; we’ll see. If any of you have been getting sniped by BlasterBots in range of your spawn point, you’ll be pleased by the change that makes BlasterBots not be able to fire […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.014-1.015 “Next Official’s Release Candidate 1” Released!

This one is just tidying up so the new goodies can be officially released. If there’s no major issues with this version it will probably be functionally what’s released as the official. For this specific beta it’s mainly that’s the new achievements for the new conducts, a few balance changes (which do rather alter the […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.013 “Explosive Refinement” Released!

This one is largely some quality-of-life UI improvements, but also fixes a few bugs and makes some AOE changes with substantial balance implications. In general I’m trying to polish this up a bit more so we can do an official update with the new goodies for the rest of the folks playing Bionic (that aren’t […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.012 “Bots Under Assault” Released!

This one makes it easier to mod the game’s graphics, but is mainly balance changes: Mission Bot Population Now every normal mission will have at least one type of “fodder” bot, and at least one of the higher-pain bot types. This is important because otherwise the game could (somewhat rarely) pick all high-pain bot types, […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.011 “Hoist By One’s Own PITAR” Released!

This one makes a number of improvements, such as: Bot Rebalancing The details are in the notes above, but basically each bot type now has a “Pain/Irritation/Traumatization Assessment Rating”, or PITAR for short. This is used to better regulate the relative frequency of bot types (in a normal mission) and presence and quantity in the […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.010 “Shotgun Distribution” Released!

This one contains several changes, including: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone (But Now You Can) Now when starting a new game you may select “(None)” for one or more of your exo slots (but not all four). This allows you to increase the challenge of the game and/or simply reduce the number of exos (and […]

Followup to last year’s AI War postmortem (now discussing Bionic, TLF, etc).

Last June I wrote a postmortem of AI War, which also wound up being a form of history of Arcen as a whole.  But now a whole year has passed, and we’ve released Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura, Bionic Dues, and The Last Federation in that time.  We also have a lot more data on […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.009 “Be On Your Toes” Released!

This one introduces two new options for your beta-testing pleasure (if you use the in-game updater to get the beta version) : Dead Is Dead If you enable this optional rule at the beginning of the game, and an exo is destroyed during a mission, it is not replaced after the mission. On Your Toes […]

Bionic Dues 1.008 (Minor Update) Released

This one is very very small, simply updating our Steamworks integration and fixing achievements on linux. Enjoy! This is a standard update that Steam will automatically download for you. However, if you want to force a quicker update and are currently running Steam, just restart Steam. Edit: Just another quick note to add that Bionic Dues is in […]

Two wallpapers for Bionic Dues

Today is wallpaper day, I guess. :)  Here are two wallpapers from Bionic Dues.  These were both originally by me, although the side view of the city has been overpainted by Cathrine Langwagen to look waaay better than it originally did.  She added cooler reflections in the water and all sorts of stuff. Enjoy!

Steam Summer Sale 2014: Arcen Titles 25-80% Off (Ends June 30th)

Steam’s annual summer sale is upon us, and Arcen is once again participating with significant discounts on our entire library of games. These discounts will run the duration of the sale, ending the morning of June 30th: The Last Federation — 25% off AI War Collection, base game and all expansions — 60% off Bionic Dues […]

Bionic Dues Launches on Humble Store

A brief note that you can now purchase Bionic Dues from the Humble Store. It’s available for $4.99 (50% off) for the first week and includes both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key. Discount ends June 3rd.

Bionic Dues Headlines Steampunk Bundle (Supports Direct Relief International)

Our tactical roguelike-like Bionic Dues is part of the latest Groupees ‘pay what you want’ ($1 minimum) deal. It’s a Steampunk-themed bundle full of games, music, comics, and e-books — with a portion of the proceeds will go to charity Direct Relief International. Here’s what’s included:

Holiday Guide For Arcen Titles

The holidays are coming up fast, and so ’tis the season to start thinking about gifts for friends and family.  Arcen’s catalog of games has really swelled this year, and you may have missed some of our titles.  Or you may be new to Arcen, and may have overlooked our excellent older titles.  Here’s a […]

Bionic Dues 1.005 “Combined Customization” Released!

This one is our first non-beta-branch update to Bionic Dues since it released, and so it comes with a plethora of goodies from 1.001 on upwards in the release notes linked above. The biggest thing, by far, are the improvements to the customization interface.  The game supports a minimum resolution of 1024×720, and so our […]

Arcen Games Piano Collections, Vol. 1

I think it goes without saying that we have the greatest fans in the world. Arcen Games has been around since 2009, and from the very beginning, we’ve had amazing fans that have continued to support us throughout the years. As a small token of our appreciation for the support you’ve given us, we’re releasing […]

Bionic Dues Now Available on Steam, GamersGate and Arcen Store

Bionic Dues Launches for PC, Mac and Linux 25% off sale to celebrate launch week Arcen Games is ecstatic to announce Bionic Dues — our mech-enriched roguelite — has launched on Steam, GamersGate and the Arcen Store for $9.99. To celebrate the release, the game carries a 25% discount during its first week on sale. Robot […]

Bionic Dues Launches Next Week on PC, Mac, and Linux

Tactical turn-based roguelite out October 8th on Steam Arcen Games is excited to announce Bionic Dues, our upcoming tactical turn-based roguelite with mech customization, is set to launch next week on Steam, our site and other distributors. The game will be made available on PC, Mac and (for the first time with one of our […]

PAX Prime 2013: Arcen Store Sale Celebrates Bionic Dues First Public Showing

Just a quick post to share that we’re running a store-wide sale on our site through the holiday weekend in celebration of the public debut of our upcoming tactical roguelike Bionic Dues — on display today (and tomorrow) in the Indie Megabooth at PAX. We’ve matched Steam’s discounts on Skyward Collapse (40% off) and the […]

Skyward Collapse Nihon no Mura and Bionic Dues Featured in PAX Prime Indie MEGABOOTH

Skyward Collapse Nihon no Mura Expansion Launches Ahead of PAX Indie MEGABOOTH Showing Arcen’s upcoming tactical roguelike Bionic Dues also to be on display in Seattle We’re pleased to announce the release of the Nihon no Mura expansion for our god game Skyward Collapse. The game is available now on Steam, GamersGate and the Arcen […]