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AI War 2 v0.740 Released! “Clean Up That Nebula, Young Man!”

Release notes here. Not a huge amount in here, although there are a lot of quality of life improvements in terms of faster load speeds, lower RAM usage, and a few bugfixes.  And some much prettier nebula backgrounds, and out with some older backgrounds that were ugly. Overall this was just a small maintenance release, but part […]

AI War Classic Official 8.024 Patch Released!

Bugfixes and an AI War II kickstarter notice on the main menu.  The release notes cover the details, and we hope that you enjoy those fixes. :) We also hope you’ll stop by the campaign for AI War II and see if you think it’s worth your time and/or money.  We are having an exceedingly […]

All right, let’s get this over with: August 17th is the new release date.

But I do come bearing gifts, at least.  Hope you enjoy the screenshots!  Additionally, if you want to see what insanity we’ve been up to lately, then the voluminous release notes might be interesting reading.  They give some pretty good insight into what the delays have been. Here’s a TLDR of my four biggest concerns right […]

Steam Deals: Last Federation, AI War, and Other Arcen Titles On Sale This Week

A quick note that almost all of our library is on sale this week as part of Steam’s latest week-long deals, with discounts ranging from 51% to 86% off individual products. Starward Rogue isn’t included this time around due to its recent release, but the game will carry another minor discount in the coming weeks.

Stars Beyond Reach: What we’re working on, plus spotlight on the Zenith aliens.

Apologies again for my slowness regarding Stars Beyond Reach updates at the moment.  I’ve been active in the forums since this project answering questions here and there if you haven’t been there.  But carving out the time for organized posts sometimes is a bit tricky. The last week or so has seen Keith working like crazy on implementing […]

Hey, the Arcen wiki is now open for all to edit!

 Well hello!  I’ll have more information on Stars Beyond Reach later in the week.  But for the moment, I wanted to give a quick important announcement about our wiki.  Previously it was invite-only, and mainly edited by staff.  Consequently it was often out of date. Now it’s open to anyone to edit, although you do […]

Arcen Titles Hit IndieGameStand, Up To 85% Off This Week

Wanted to drop a quick note that all of our releases are now available on the IndieGameStand storefront. To celebrate, we’re running a week-long promotion with the site carrying the following discounts: AI War Collection (2014) — 75% off Tidalis — 80% off A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack — 80% off Shattered Haven […]

AI War Official 8.017-8.019 “Boost THIS!” Released!

This one is another performance update, this time on the CPU and RAM sides.  The munitions boosters were the big culprit here, but there are other more minor effects beyond that. UPDATE: 8.018 turned out to be necessary, because the prior version was giving the “spinning beachball of death” on OSX.  Apologies for that — […]

AI War Official 8.015-8.016 “Flicker Factor” Released!

This one is  relatively small update with a couple of bugfixes.  The main thing here is some fixes to flickering in the far zoom icon display that people were noticing in recent versions, as well as what is likely a performance improvement for most people on that front, too. Update: 8.017 is now out and […]

Podcast: Curating Games and Open Ended Development

This week I went on the excellent Perceptive Podcast once again, which is always a pleasure.  This time we discussed a variety of things: Open-ended development and how that differs from traditional linear game development. Why I think the new Curator system on Steam is the bee’s knees, and why I hope other stores do […]

AI War Official 8.007-8.014 “Now With Moar” Released!

This one is the culmination of a couple of weeks of no-joke improvements to performance.  Not only is the underlying timing for frames completely rewritten and improved, but the all-new sprite batching for our engine’s render pipeline is now in place, too. Just what does this mean to you, as a player?  Well, even on […]

Rock Paper Shotgun does a Humble Weekly Bundle and curates AI War — wow.

Well, holy #$#$%.  I am honestly humbled — pun not intended — by this one.  Check this out: This RPS bundle is a career milestone for me. Several, really. First of all, the recognition that Rock, Paper Shotgun has bestowed on AI War: Fleet Command not once but many times is something that still amazes […]

AI War Official 8.002-8.006 “Lock And Load ” Released!

This one is our second post-8.0 update. It’s another intentionally small one, as we’re trying to wait and see if there are any serious things that crop up before going through other kinds of bugfixing or balancing. In this particular case, some people experience slow loading times per image on their specific machine setup.  This […]

AI War Official 8.001 “Oiling The Engine” Released!

This one is our first post-8.0 update.  It’s an intentionally small one, as we’re trying to wait and see if there are any serious things that crop up before going through other kinds of bugfixing or balancing. In this particular case, some of the Unity 3D engine upgrades that we did between versions 7.0 and […]

AI War 8.0 Launches alongside Expansion 6: Destroyer of Worlds (and Linux Support!)

AI War’s run from 7.0 to 8.0 took a long break during our development of The Last Federation, but still contained over 60 new releases in 425 days. Thanks to player feedback (some new, some from years ago) the game is now better than ever. Biggest on the radar is the addition of the new […]

AI War: Fleet Command 8.0 Trailer

AI War: Fleet Command version 8.0 is set to launch August the 18th (so two Mondays from now), alongside its sixth expansion, Destroyer of Worlds. One of the best-reviewed PC games of 2009, AI War has continued to grow each year with new expansions, new free content, and continual refinements to the deep strategic gameplay […]

AI War Beta 7.048-7.052 “Because It Was Going Too Smoothly” Released!

This one is a break from your (ir)regularly-scheduled bugfixes and polish to bring you a large engine upgrade and native-linux support. NOTE: as of this writing distribution of the linux build is still being worked out. We’d been planning to release 8.0/DoW during the week of August 4th and then wait until a week or […]

AI War Beta 7.047 “Beltsander of Worlds MkIV” Released!

This one is another coat of polish for the new expansion and 8.0 in general, so nothing earthshaking here. That said, there are changes I think will make some folks pretty happy: – The galaxy-display-modes for fabricators and golems are now much nicer to use, with both showing the names of the actual units on […]

AI War Beta 7.046 “Beltsander of Worlds MkIII” Released!

This one is yet more polish work for the new expansion, and also for the rest of the game in preparation for the 8.0 official release. That means almost entirely bugfixes, balancing, etc. Including a lot of text work and updating the Objectives screen logic, etc. Here’s what’s left (not yet done) between now and […]

Introducing The Races (And Logo) For Stars Beyond Reach

UPDATE 10/31/2014: Since the name of the game has changed to Stars Beyond Reach, and the logo has changed, I’ve come back and updated this post to reflect that.  Everything else was already accurate, so there was no point having any confusion.  The old name was Spectral Empire. Stars Beyond Reach is our upcoming 4X […]

Followup to last year’s AI War postmortem (now discussing Bionic, TLF, etc).

Last June I wrote a postmortem of AI War, which also wound up being a form of history of Arcen as a whole.  But now a whole year has passed, and we’ve released Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura, Bionic Dues, and The Last Federation in that time.  We also have a lot more data on […]

AI War Beta 7.045 “Beltsander of Worlds MkII” Released!

This one is more polish work for the new expansion, and also for the rest of the game. – Fallen Spire has been substantially rebalanced in favor of powerful capital ships (on the human side) and powerful FS exos (on the AI side), and away from its naturally high AIP causing runaway wave sizes (due […]

Wallpaper for AI War: Destroyer of Worlds.

We never really had proper large-scale concept art for AI War until the last month or so. This is definitely my favorite piece out of all the new stuff, and again this is by Cathrine Langwagen.

AI War Beta 7.043-7.044 “Beltsander of Worlds MkI” Released!

This one is mainly bugfixes and balance work for the new expansion, but also some base game stuff. Not a lot to say here except to read the above-linked release notes if you want to know the details. Partly just making this an update-with-blog-post (as opposed to yet another hotfix on the previous forum release […]

About The Recent Schedule, and TLF Updates

A really great question from a recent post: Hi Chris – Is the last federation pretty much the final product now? Unless I’ve missed something the last update was June 6th to 1.24 -25 Before that you were changing every two or three days. Thanks I’ve posted a few notes about this in the Off […]

Steam Summer Sale 2014: Arcen Titles 25-80% Off (Ends June 30th)

Steam’s annual summer sale is upon us, and Arcen is once again participating with significant discounts on our entire library of games. These discounts will run the duration of the sale, ending the morning of June 30th: The Last Federation — 25% off AI War Collection, base game and all expansions — 60% off Bionic Dues […]

Announcing AI War: Destroyer of Worlds

When in doubt, use bigger warheads. AI War: Destroyer of Worlds, the sixth expansion pack for AI War: Fleet Command, focuses on two new optional features: Nomad Planets introduces dynamic topology to AI War for the first time, giving the player new challenges and opportunities beyond the previously-static wormhole network. One of the Nomads also […]

AI War Beta 7.036-7.040 “Sanding Before The Storm” Released!

This one is more bugfixes and balance work. Important stuff, especially the metal/energy-related changes, but just polish. What’s more than polish is the upcoming expansion, which we’ll announce with actual details tomorrow (Thursday, probably noonish eastern time). We’ll be doing a closed beta that will run until the expansion’s official release (alongside the 8.0 offficial […]