AI War 2 v0.761 Released! “A Badger And A Puffin”

Release notes here.

This particular release is about refinement in the wake of the huge changes that came out on Friday.  It needed it, very much so, but still surprisingly not to the degree I would have expected.  That was a pleasant surprise! :)

A huge portion of these fixes and balance tweaks were actually done over the weekend while I was off with family, which is kinda crazy and cool — volunteer developer Badger, and prolific community member RocketAssistedPuffin directly made a lot of the most important changes here (Puffin was even releasing his fixes as mods over the weekend so that folks could have those changes prior to this new official build rolling out — soooo coooool!).

This one breaks all the savegames, like most of the new releases over the next 2ish weeks are likely to.  Apologies in advance, but it’s just a very tumultuous time for a lot of the ships and their mechanics.

I’m not really even sure what to say to summarize this version.  Basically it’s “those things that bugged you the most last release are fixed.”  There’s also a new auto-kite feature that Badger added, which I think is super helpful.

There are still some issues with the AI not acting properly because the strength values on ships are a bit haphazard, so the AI (and you, if you read the UI) will think that certain matchup are more or less balanced than they really are.  Basically some of the ships you have have too much strength and are freaking out the AI because of that (but that strength number isn’t backed up with actual power, it’s all a bluff, basically).  I’m going to be redoing how strength is calculated and put in starting tomorrow, and that should solve that issue.

One of the big upcoming things (aside from lots more ships reinventions like you see in this build and the last one) is procedural ships.  Semi-procedural, at any rate.  Since seeing just how easy the creation and tweaking of existing ships are right now, I’m feeling less inclined to go super-crazy with that, but I do want some element of it there.  I’m most excited about the handfuls of new ship abilities that are still outstanding to be added.

Lots more to come this week.  Thanks for your support!

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