AI War 2 v0.746 Released! “Disposing of the Invisible Man”

Release notes here.

Expect more frequent releases again, now that we’re past that initial hump of getting the pivot in a functional and basically-fun state.

This build is on the smaller side, but includes a lot of interesting stuff nonetheless.

  • There are a variety of bugfixes and usability improvements based on feedback from Badger, Ovalcircle, and dv = i ln(w0 / wf).
  • The very barest tip bit of wave 3 of the pivot is in place (just the first two units — I said it was small!).
  • Attack Move and Group Move, which have been long-awaited, are now in place!

Bear in mind that we’re working on a couple of different fronts simultaneously right now.  Keith is working on the third wave of content from the pivot, Badger has been working on a variety of factions and fixes, and I’m working first on some fixes and then on the lobby UI.  After I get past the lobby, then I’ll start looking more into other areas of the UI along with Eric, and so on and so forth.

I again wanted to mention: we have a new Steam Developer Page.  If you go there and follow us, you’ll be notified about other upcoming releases (including this one, of course).



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