AI War 2 v0.527 Released! “Factious AI”

Release notes here!

This one is all about new AI Types and being able to choose between them in the Lobby.

There’s some neat new personalities in there (I’m especially fond of “Brawler”, but I always did love the Burlusts), but the more important thing is all the framework necessary to have different factions have their own set of dropdowns in the lobby, so we can support variable-intensity special factions later on, etc.

On the subject of modding, some significant improvements were made to how you can define XML entries in terms of other entries, and more specifically to how the AI’s unit “draw bags” are populated.

There’s also a fix to a bug that had broken the ability to start a multiplayer game. Thankfully the sim itself was staying in sync fine, there was just a null exception in the lobby for the non-hosts, when trying to show certain information.


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