AI War 2 v0.522 Released! “Variations On A Theme”

Release notes here!

Lots of crazy going on lately, hence it being two weeks since the last release (sorry!)

This time I focused on articulating some key “joints” in the skeleton of how the game comes together:
– Wormhole placement now has much more variety, while maintaining the rule that you can tell which direction the other planet is in based on where the wormhole position.
– The AI’s main defensive position is also no longer always in the center of each planet.
– Finally, under the hood, much of the info tracking how strong the AI is and the humans are is now no longer specific to those two “main” factions but is now fully available for all special factions as well. The changed symbols impact existing mods, of course, but now you can do a lot more with them.

There’s also a variety of other changes; major postprocessing stack switch by Chris, more Nanocaust updates from Badger, and some key bugfixes that will make the AI not just bumrush every force that attacks that planet.


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