AI War 2 v0.516 Released! “UI Scaling and Rally Commands”

Release notes here!

This one contains a few quality-of-life improvements from prolific community-member BadgerBadger, and two features that range from the minor to the major depending on how you play:

1) UI Scaling
New slider on the settings menu, defaults to 1 and you can bring it down from there if you’ve got a very pixel-dense display or otherwise just want to make the gui not take up so much screen space. This will make it harder to read.

2) Rally Commands
You can now tell one of your unit producers to have its newly-produced units “rally” to one of your control groups. That will put them in the target group, but will also have them find the “primary” (strongest) unit in that group and catch up to it, even if that means flying halfway across the galaxy and re-routing as the thing moves around.

Translation: your starship constructor can now send your replacement starships to catch up to your Ark or other main force wherever it happens to be :)

Both features have plenty of room for improvement, so please let us know what you think.


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