AI War 1.010 Released (Free DLC & Player Suggestions)

Arcen Games is pleased to announce the release of AI War: Fleet
Command version 1.010. You can download a trial version
of the game, as well as purchase
a license key
to unlock the full version. If you already have the
game or demo installed, just hit “Check For Updates” inside the game to
get the latest patch.  

Free DLC
: Two new ships, the MLRS Turret III (shown right), and the
Tachyon Missile, have been added. The new turret provides new
high-level defensive options, while the missile reveals for 30 seconds
all ships on the planet at which it detonates.

This release also contains another large batch of improvements, tweaks,
and extensions based on player suggestions.  Here are some of the

– Players can now select more than one home planet when starting the

– Energy Reactor efficiency now drops if you cluster too many of
them on the same planet.

– Missile Silos and Missiles are now much less expensive, but
missile detonation always comes with at least a minor AI Progress

– Screen position, unit selection, and zoom are now remembered when
switching back and forth between planets.

– Right-clicking the planetary summary now cycles through ships,
making them easier to find.

– Most ships that are non-repairable now have a self-regen ability
(including force fields and fortresses).

– Munitions Booster range has been increased, but they now only work
while not moving.

– The attack range of Spiders has been greatly increased, making
them more dangerous.

– The protection range of all force fields is now larger.

– Teleporting ships can now travel through wormholes, but certain
ships are now immune to their attacks.

– Fighters are now more resistant to cruiser shots, making them much
more formidable.

– Mark III Engineers now have teleporting in addition to their
existing other abilities.

– Several new hotkeys, including “Stop Units” (End) and several unit
selection filters (N+0-5, N+8, N+9) .

– Fixed a bug relating to all AI planets on every map having Mark
III force fields, rather than variable levels.

– Several bugfixes relating to space tugs.

– Various other bugfixes.

The above list is just a sampling, however, so be sure to check out the
full release notes to see everything (attached at the end of this post).
It’s vacation season around here, so the next batch of free DLC won’t
be hitting for another two or three weeks — but we’ve got some great
stuff planned, so stay tuned. After that break, we’ll be back to our
regular weekly schedule. Enjoy!

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