About Arcen (Ar-ken) Games

Arcen (pronounced with a hard c, like “ken”) was founded in 2009 by Chris Park.  A lot of really talented folks have worked with us over the years in both fulltime and part-time capacities, but we’ve always stayed small and yet done big things.

Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled experience with our games. We love feedback, and while we can’t do everything, we’ve already implemented (literally) thousands of features, tweaks, fixes, and balance improvements based on player suggestions. We play all of our own games, so we tend to continue to grow them after release for our own entertainment as much as anyone else’s.

Our first released game, AI War, was a cooperative space-based RTS game, but we then started going all over the place in terms of genre, matching Chris’s own eclectic interests.  Most recently, in 2016 and onwards, we’ve returned to our roots with AI War 2.  This is still an ongoing project, and a huge one, with lots of direct fan involvement, some volunteer developers, and contractors.  It’s a really big game, and only growing more!

Beyond the above, we’re known for our customer-friendly business practices (including our anti-DRM stance), our commitment to substance over form, and our fanatical devotion to support and ongoing quality.