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2.815 Polishing And Bugfixing

New build!  We are back from beta, and this new version includes a lot of polishing and bugfixing, improvements to the bastille turret, and many various items for our DLC2 testers to bang on.  This also has another raft of multiplayer fixes, although thankfully the number of those required is going down quite a […]

Beta 2.813 Golem Relations

New beta build! You need to use the current_beta build on Steam or GOG to see it.  Assuming that all seems sane with this build, this is the end of the current beta period. What’s new in this one?  There are a few bugfixes and QoL improvements (thanks to donblas for several of those).  […]

AI War 2: 2.809 Self Optimization

New build! This one is mostly multiplayer-focused, but it has some core speed improvements to the singleplayer simulation as well as some bugfixes that also benefit everyone (particularly those with really fast AMD processors). This also sees a number of improvements and updates to the SirLimbo suite of mods, and Space Planes and Expatriates […]

AI War 2 v2.802 Multiplayer Steams Onward

New build! We briefly had a v2.801, but had to revert that because it had a couple of critical bugs. The changes from that have been included in this new build, which runs great. Overall this is just a laundry list of bugfixes and tweaks that people reported, but most of them are centered […]

AI War 2 v2.800 Released! “The New Paradigm”

It’s been one hundred and twenty-nine days since the last major release writeup, with forty-nine releases in all (all on the public beta branch), and notes starting here and spanning a further… one hundred and four thousand words. That is literally midsize novel-length.  If you haven’t been reading as it went, I’m not sure that […]