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AI War 2 v2.048 Released! “Bugfixes”

This one is nothing but a collection of bugfixes, but there are some very welcome ones.  Full notes here. What’s new? You can upgrade forcefield frigates beyond mark 4, as they now use the heavy hull tech type. Fleet Research Stations, new in the last version, now properly charge you AI Progress (AIP) for the […]

AI War 2 v2.047 Released! “Perks By Another Mother”

Only a day later, but this is a big one!  Full notes here. What’s new? First off, Badger found a bug in some of the fire teams code that had been leading them to be less efficient with their forces (using overwhelming force where it was not needed).  This was actually a really cool behavior […]

AI War 2 v2.045 Released! “Scientific Emergence”

Very similarly to the prior release, it’s been 24 days since the last writeup (and in this case, the last non-beta build).  This new version is only the fifth public build since then, though most of them were hefty and were in beta.   Full notes here. What’s new? First up, there is a brand new […]