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AI War 2 v2.031 Released! “Faction Color Choice”

The last release I did a writeup on was 25 days ago, an eternity.  This new version marks the twelfth public build since then, although the most recent stretch were in beta.   Full notes here. What’s new? First up, we got GOG Galaxy support fully working, and also improved some of our Steamworks integration.  Both […]

AI War 2 v2.016 Released! “Thunderchild”

Wowzers.  This one has been a marathon, even though it hasn’t been that many days since the last release.   Notes here. A ton of under-the-hood bits have been overhauled for how to load savegames and the lobby, and everything moves a lot more smoothly now.  Specifically: The functionality for loading an existing savegame or quick […]