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AI War 2 v2.012 Released! “Populous”

It’s been 17 days since the last build, but there’s a whole lot of goodness in this new one.  Release notes here. Also: I got married last week!  It was supposed to be next month, but on account of pandemic we had to adjust our plans.  My wife is a physician, and in the spirit […]

AI War 2 v2.009 Released! “Plenty Of Tuning”

We had one smaller hotfix, and then now this bigger one. The first hotfix corrected a bug that was happening with transports in the prior version with all the performance updates. There are a variety of general fixes and tweaks in both releases. The new release makes sure that you can always see your cripple […]

AI War 2 v2.007 Released! “Speed Boost”

We’ve had a series of hotfixes since 2.001 launched, and now we’ve got a more meaty release. This one includes a variety of bugfixes and balance tweaks for both the expansion and the base game. The way that engineers do repairs or assist other ships is now in a more intelligent hierarchy, which avoids some […]