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AI War 2 v1.010 Released! “Extracting Those Archives”

Release notes here. Relatively small release, and honestly the largest improvements are to the  metal flows detail screen.  But something about hacking, and in particularly spire archives, always makes me think of this scene from Star Trek TNG. “I just love scanning for life forms” pops into my head in daily life much more often than […]

AI War 2 v1.008 Released! “Golems And Arks Come Marching In”

Release notes here. Lots of stuff in this one!  Also, there’s a new interview with me and Rob chatting over at the eXplorminate’s podcast, if you’re interested. There’s a new option under the debug settings that lets you forcefully change the difficulty of the AIs if you want to, after having already started the game.  Later […]

AI War 2 v1.007 Released! “The Player/AI Arms Race Intensifies”

Release notes here. Some players have noted that they’re able to deep-strike way into enemy territory with what feels like too little response from the AI.  So… now the AI has a new AI Reserve force (in new campaigns only) that it can bring in to help defend its planets when it detects you deep-striking. A […]

AI War 2 v1.006 Released! “Freedom Of Fleet Line Combination”

Release notes here. Duplicate Ship Lines In One Fleet The marquee feature in this build is that you have full freedom with your fleets now to combine the same ship type into multiple slots of a single fleet if you want.  Aka, if you have three lines of snipers or bombers, you can just slap those […]

AI War 2 v1.005 Released! “Answering Your Top Requests”

Release notes here. There are actually several releases in one here, since we had a few small ones we just posted about on the forums rather than making a full announcement.  But we’re back to where we’ll be doing an announcement for each release again. This particular build… does a whole heck of a lot, good […]