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AI War 2 v0.815 Released! “AI Multiplexion”

Release notes here. Badger has really outdone himself with this one, I have to say.  This adds quasi-experimental support for multiple AI factions in the galaxy, along with a bunch of new tools for letting specific AI types spawn specific things at game start. Then Puffin has been really on top of it with a bunch […]

AI War 2 v0.814 Released! “Of Runaway AIs And Tech Cost Revamps”

Release notes here. This version has a surprisingly-robust revamp of the tech costs and the scaling between tech levels in general, thanks to Puffin.  I didn’t have any idea this was coming, and he trialed this with players on the forums first and it quickly became clear that the new approach is better.  Huge kudos! Slightly […]

AI War 2 v0.813 Released! “Tractor Tentacles”

Release notes here. I’m slightly sick and very tired, so the release notes will mostly speak for themselves, I think.  But there’s a lot of amazing stuff in there from Weapon Master, helpfully integrated by Badger and Puffin, along with a long list of things that they also put together.  The Dark Spire are getting increasingly […]

AI War 2 v0.812 Released! “Hunting Ninjas and Desyncs”

Release notes here. The way that the AI sneaks around has some bugfixes and works better now, and the Hunter fleet should be a lot stronger because of the AI knowing better when to retreat.  AIs choosing to sneak past your forces and harass you should now be more effective, too.  And the nanocaust should do […]