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AI War 2 v0.746 Released! “Disposing of the Invisible Man”

Release notes here. Expect more frequent releases again, now that we’re past that initial hump of getting the pivot in a functional and basically-fun state. This build is on the smaller side, but includes a lot of interesting stuff nonetheless. There are a variety of bugfixes and usability improvements based on feedback from Badger, Ovalcircle, and dv […]

AI War 2 v0.745 Released! “A Pivot And A Leap Forward”

Release notes here. Wheeew!  This one is massive.  It’s been almost two months since our last release, and it shows.  Here are some highlights of what’s new: The first two (out of five) waves of the pivot are done. As part of that, you’ll notice that the game feels way more like the Classic experience, and […]