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Starward Rogue Update 1.010: New Enemy, Faster Unlocks

Another update!  This one has bugfixes, a new community-made enemy, a variety of balance tweaks, and more.  This also reduces the number of runs you must win before you get the full 7-floor runs instead of the shorter 5-floor runs. More to come soon! Official forum thread on this post. . .

Starward Rogue Update 1.009: Two New Enemies

Another day, another update.  This one is a bit sparse, since it was a… challenging day.  That said, this adds two new enemies for you to battle, switches an inept sacrifice room item into an excellent new incredibility, and has a number of bugfixes. More to come tomorrow! Official forum thread on this post. . […]

Great work on Starward Rogue, team! Now you’re all laid off…?

Well @#$#@%$.  The TLDR is that almost all the Arcen staff are going to lose their jobs, effective Monday. The Good Starward Rogue is out now, and it’s getting glowing steam reviews (76, all positive, as of this writing) as well as a lot of positive youtube and twitch coverage.  Mostly from smaller channels with […]

Starward Rogue Update 1.008: Items? What Items?

A really big update for you today.  First of all, this clears out a ton of our mantis bugtracker issues.  This also allows deadzone setting for your analog sticks, and sets the default back slightly higher again, which is good for your average well-loved 360 controller. More interestingly, perhaps, is that the game is now […]

XBox One Controllers, Other Fixes And Tweaks

Two more updates for you today — thanks for everyone who was giving us feedback with these! 1.006 and 1.007 are, in a lot of respects, not the most exciting releases. However, they do completely rework the underlying input system to have greater compatibility with more gamepads, and in particular the XBox One. There are […]

First 5 Updates To Starward Rogue!

Hey everybody, First of all, thanks for you support of the game. It’s really a good feeling to see all those positive steam reviews, I have to say. :D Secondly, we’ve been doing a laundry list of small updates and tweaks to the game based on feedback from the new, expanded group of players for […]

Update: Starward Rogue Launches, Arcen and Humble Celebrate with Catalog-wide Sale

Update: The Bionic Dues free gift promotion has now ended — though our whole library will continue to carry major discounts on Humble store through this week. Original Post: We’ve teamed up with Humble to offer a special free download of Bionic Dues in celebration of our new release, Starward Rogue — out now on […]

Starward Rogue 1.0 is now live! (Also: trailer!)

Starward Rogue is a passion project designed not just by myself, but by a team of other hardcore fans of this subgenre. We have several thousand hours in similar games, and we wanted to do something excitingly new without being completely alien. We had a very tight timeline, so as far as the rest of […]

Last Call For Starward Rogue Testers

We’re in need of testers for Starward Rogue’s push toward release. If you want to help us with this game, please post in this thread, and we’ll get a build sent over. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.