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TLF Version 1.026 Released (Brace For Options!)

Version 1.026 is out, and contains a number of things that fans have been asking for, as well as a number of important fixes. There are some overall improvements to the solar map AI in this update, and there is also an overhaul of the ship graphics and their ships. There are also new Advanced […]

Steam Community Flash Deal Knocks 40% Off The Last Federation Tonight

The Last Federation popped up today in Steam’s Summer Sale community choice vote, and the indie space games group it was placed in (pictured) ended up winning out with 55% of the votes. That means the game is 40% off for the next 8 hours, after which it will return to 25% off for the remainder of the sale. […]

Tidalis wallpaper.

Okay, so this is the last of the wallpapers I’m going to post today. The wallpapers category on our main site has all of them listed, including the older ones from Skyward Collapse that were posted prior today. Here’s the link:

Wallpaper for AI War: Destroyer of Worlds.

We never really had proper large-scale concept art for AI War until the last month or so. This is definitely my favorite piece out of all the new stuff, and again this is by Cathrine Langwagen.

Two wallpapers for Valley 2.

Two of my favorite concept art pieces for Valley 2, made into wallpapers. Enjoy!

Wallpaper for Shattered Haven.

Ah, Shattered Haven. I get that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I feel like it’s so under-appreciated all the same. It really has a special place for me in my life. Anyhow, this wallpaper is just made of awesome, which surely is something we can all agree on, at least. ;)

Two wallpapers for Bionic Dues

Today is wallpaper day, I guess. :)  Here are two wallpapers from Bionic Dues.  These were both originally by me, although the side view of the city has been overpainted by Cathrine Langwagen to look waaay better than it originally did.  She added cooler reflections in the water and all sorts of stuff. Enjoy!

High-res wallpaper of the main menu from Valley 1.

While we’re on the subject of wallpapers today, here’s another one for you — this is my favorite image that I did for Valley 1, by far.  Enjoy!

High-res wallpaper of planetcracker strike from The Last Federation.

As many of you have noticed, the forums also now share the awesome planetcracker background from The Last Federation.  Cathrine Langwagen really outdid herself with this one, I have to say!  Anyhow, since some of you were asking about wallpapers, here is a massive 3200×1800 png of it — enjoy!

AI War Beta 7.043-7.044 “Beltsander of Worlds MkI” Released!

This one is mainly bugfixes and balance work for the new expansion, but also some base game stuff. Not a lot to say here except to read the above-linked release notes if you want to know the details. Partly just making this an update-with-blog-post (as opposed to yet another hotfix on the previous forum release […]

About The Recent Schedule, and TLF Updates

A really great question from a recent post: Hi Chris – Is the last federation pretty much the final product now? Unless I’ve missed something the last update was June 6th to 1.24 -25 Before that you were changing every two or three days. Thanks I’ve posted a few notes about this in the Off […]

Airship Eternal, coming in 2015

Coming In 2015 Airship Eternal is a bit of a funny project, because it is both in its infancy and extremely far along. We’re barely in pre-production, but the code is around 70% done. How does that even work? Well, you may know that The Last Federation went through quite a number of combat models […]

Updated Website, And Both Blogs Have Moved! has been overhauled, and as part of that we’ve pulled both of our blogs (our News blog and our Games By Design blog) into this main site itself. Please update your bookmarks, or your RSS feeds (although RSS subscribers from Games By Design should already find themselves repointed thanks to feedburner). The new blog […]

Steam Summer Sale 2014: Arcen Titles 25-80% Off (Ends June 30th)

Steam’s annual summer sale is upon us, and Arcen is once again participating with significant discounts on our entire library of games. These discounts will run the duration of the sale, ending the morning of June 30th: The Last Federation — 25% off AI War Collection, base game and all expansions — 60% off Bionic Dues […]

Announcing AI War: Destroyer of Worlds

When in doubt, use bigger warheads. AI War: Destroyer of Worlds, the sixth expansion pack for AI War: Fleet Command, focuses on two new optional features: Nomad Planets introduces dynamic topology to AI War for the first time, giving the player new challenges and opportunities beyond the previously-static wormhole network. One of the Nomads also […]

AI War Beta 7.036-7.040 “Sanding Before The Storm” Released!

This one is more bugfixes and balance work. Important stuff, especially the metal/energy-related changes, but just polish. What’s more than polish is the upcoming expansion, which we’ll announce with actual details tomorrow (Thursday, probably noonish eastern time). We’ll be doing a closed beta that will run until the expansion’s official release (alongside the 8.0 offficial […]

AI War Beta 7.034-7.035 “When Cities Attack!” Released!

This one is mainly an iteration on recently-in-progress stuff: – Hacking used to scale just with your hacking balance, but this could lead to hacks not getting more dangerous). Then it was changed to scale just with hacking-spent, but that got uncontrollably dangerous past a certain point no matter your hacking balance). So now it’s […]

TLF Version 1.024-1.025 Released (Disease Resistance)

Version 1.024 is out, and while it is small it does have some really notable balance shifts in there.  Specifically: – The way that research and property development dispatches are handled, and the way goons are used up with them, is now daily rather than monthly.  This makes it a lot more fair to you […]