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Preview: Simulations In The Last Federation

A few weeks ago, we did our first sneak preview of our upcoming game The Last Federation. The game is a mix of strategy and tactics set in a simulated solar system with 8 planets, each with its own unique race.  The strategy section and the combat (tactics) are two different styles of play, but […]

Bionic Dues 1.005 “Combined Customization” Released!

This one is our first non-beta-branch update to Bionic Dues since it released, and so it comes with a plethora of goodies from 1.001 on upwards in the release notes linked above. The biggest thing, by far, are the improvements to the customization interface.  The game supports a minimum resolution of 1024×720, and so our […]

Sneak Peek: The Last Federation

We’re always keeping busy here at Arcen, and we want to show you a bit of what we’re working on now. The Last Federation is a space-based mix of strategy and tactics in which you control a small mercenary fleet on an unusual mission: the formation of the first and last solar federation.  Undertake mercenary […]

Arcen Games Piano Collections, Vol. 1

I think it goes without saying that we have the greatest fans in the world. Arcen Games has been around since 2009, and from the very beginning, we’ve had amazing fans that have continued to support us throughout the years. As a small token of our appreciation for the support you’ve given us, we’re releasing […]

Bionic Dues Now Available on Steam, GamersGate and Arcen Store

Bionic Dues Launches for PC, Mac and Linux 25% off sale to celebrate launch week Arcen Games is ecstatic to announce Bionic Dues — our mech-enriched roguelite — has launched on Steam, GamersGate and the Arcen Store for $9.99. To celebrate the release, the game carries a 25% discount during its first week on sale. Robot […]