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AI War Beta 6.024-6.025 “The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Buff (or Nerf)” Released!

This one … does a lot. In this release we’re mainly we’re answering a recent community poll by making its top results more attractive places to spend Knowledge (though the Raid Starship actually got its treatment for this in 6.023). Specifically: 1) Turrets in general. The combat stats are something of a sidegrade, though on […]

Skyward Collapse Wallpaper

Skyward Collapse is heading to 1.0 in just about a month, and beta within about two weeks.  We’ll have more details on the game as we get closer and closer to that time, plus a few other surprises that I think you’ll find very fun. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you this […]

AI War Beta 6.022-6.023 “Honored Bugs” Released!

This one congratulates the 4 winners of our recent “bug of the year” poll by… well, exterminating them. Sometimes it’s tough being the winner. #1 was a longstanding-but-not-really-noticed-until-recently problem in the mapgen logic causing all Advanced Research Stations, Fabricators, and various other (though not all) capturables to seed only on planets controlled by the first […]

Last Call for Steam Savings and IndieFort Bundle

Just a quick reminder that both the AI-war featured IndieFort Spring Bundle and the major Steam discounts on our full library of titles are available for just a few more hours, so act quick if you haven’t already! Plenty of new coverage to share as well, including some in-depth interviews Chris took part in last week: Co-Optimus: Indie-Ana […]

Valley 2 Official 1.004 “Endless Lightning” Released!

This one addresses two minor issues, and a third issue that could make the end of the game excessively hard to complete under certain circumstances (on higher difficulties in particular). Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the  in-game updater itself, if you already have any version of the game.  If […]

Shattered Haven 1.010-1.011 “Squid Anomaly” Released!

This one is just a couple of minor tweaks, as well as a fix for a more important bug that only affected people with really unusual framerates (so very much an edge case). UPDATE: 1.011 fixes a bug that was introduced in 1.010. Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the  […]

Arcen Catalog Steam Sale, IndieFort Spring Bundle, and Full Indie Summit

What a busy month it’s been! (Alright, year). Upcoming Game reveals aside, we have several new developments to share during this week alone: Steam Sale: Entire Arcen Catalog 75% Off Steam’s put the whole lot on sale this time, and I mean everything. For the next week, you’ll find the entire Arcen library slashed down to very […]

AI War Beta 6.019-6.021 “Nebulous Diligence” Released!

This one is pretty broad. Most importantly, the AI will now a one-time launch retaliatory attack when you destroy each core guard post (unless Lazy AI is on). Given that your mobile forces are probably entirely engaged on the AI HW at the time, and that the attack can come from one or more warp […]

Skyward Collapse Teaser 2: Unit Sketches and More Details

So, we recently announced Skyward Collapse.  If you missed it, it’s something we’re really excited about. However, we only showed a single screenshot with some of the final-quality map tiles, tokens, and skies in them.  Needless to say, the rest of the art is still in various states of completion, ranging from sketches to coloring […]

Skyward Collapse Teaser 1

Purely by coincidence, it’s been exactly two weeks since we did our first teaser for our upcoming game Exodus of the Machine.  But did you know we’re actually working on two new titles at the moment? Our second upcoming game is called Skyward Collapse, and it’s just now reaching a point where we’re ready to […]

AI War Beta 6.017-6.018 “Defending The AI’s Front Lawn” Released!

This one makes the AI a little more enthusiastic about its job of, well, not dying. Previously people have really been encouraged (on high difficulty, at least) to keep AIP absolutely minimally low during the entire game. And it’s fine (and encouraged) that you keep it low most of the game, but the AI homeworlds […]

AI War Beta 6.016 “Deflecting Attraction” Released!

This one contains over a dozen significant balance changes and bug fixes. Not as dramatic as some previous releases but combined these have a fairly big impact. The “Deflector Drone” bonus fleet ship has been renamed to “Attractor Drone” along with a number of buffs to bring it back from the realm of infamy. The […]

Shattered Haven OST on sale through Band Camp!

The Shattered Haven Original Soundtrack is now on sale through Band Camp! If you enjoyed the music, check it out at: Thank you for your continued support!

Shattered Haven 1.009 “Tiki Escape” Released!

This one is just a couple of minor bugfixes. Shattered Haven is something that people who are playing it really seem to love, but we’re really having trouble getting the word out.  If you play it and love it, please spread the word!  We can use all the help we can get.  A huge thanks […]

Shattered Haven 1.008 “Bonus Speed” Released!

This one has some various fixes and tweaks, but the main thing is to make the Phoenix Forest a bit quicker to traverse on your first time through.  No levels have been removed, but two regular levels are now bonus levels, and are behind “combination doors” that you won’t be able to open until much […]