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Steam Autumn Sale: All Arcen Titles 40-75% Off

Steam’s Autumn Sale is underway, and our entire catalog has been significantly discounted for the duration of the event. The individual discounts are as follows: A Valley Without Wind — 60% off AI War: Fleet Command — 75% off AI War: Ancient Shadows — 40% off AI War: Alien Bundle — 75% off AI War: Light of […]

AI War Beta 6.007-6.009 “Burying The Hatchet” Released!

This one brings back the human-ally component of the Roaming Enclaves minor faction, with a huge overhaul of its control logic. Long ago the Roaming Enclaves minor faction could spawn human-ally variants in addition to the currently-possible AI-ally and enemy-to-all variants. But they weren’t very bright, and tended to get killed a lot despite many […]

AI War Beta 6.006 “The Pain Train” Released!

This one completely re-imagines Astro Trains. The trains had really fallen out of player favor a while ago, so we shuffled them off to be an AI Plot until we could think of a more interesting approach. That day has come. The release notes have the details, but some highlights: * Astro Trains are now […]

The latest on the Valley 2 schedule

Without preamble: I had been hoping to have the