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AI War Beta 6.005 “Burning The Candle At Both Ends” Released!

This one answers the results of our three recent polls on which units most need rebalancing (in both directions, for player and/or AI). Congratulations (and changes) thus go out to: the Tackle Drone Launcher, “Mysterious” Colony Ship (nebula unit), Zenith Bombard, Teleport Raider, Infiltrator, Superfortress, Zenith Power Generator, and Champion Drone Bays. Racking up that […]

AI War Beta 6.003-6.004 “Fortress-size It” Released!

This one greatly expands the module variety available to modular fortress owners in champion games. Every module that can be unlocked on a champion now has a mod-fort equivalent (fortress modules only go up to MkIII though). The pre-existing mod-fort modules are still unlocked via their related turret/starship/etc research, but the newly added ones are […]

AI War Beta 6.002 “Better Than A Stick In The Eye” Released!

This one finally gets around to adding some more AI Eye variants to round finish response to the Eye winning a community poll back before the beta of Ancient Shadows. There are several new devious toys in there, providing varying degrees of “I do not want to make this angry, ever”. Also, the AI homeworlds […]

Shattered Haven Playable Tomorrow at GameCity

So I’m in England, which is awesome. I landed a couple days ago, but am still a little weird with the sleep schedule. So here I am after a three hour nap from 2:30-5:30 AM local time writing up an announcement for Arcen’s presence at a couple events over on this side of the pond. GameCity and ExPlay […]

AI War Beta 6.001 “There’s Always At Least One” Released!

This one is mostly a bunch of bugfixes to deal with things that made it into the 6.0 official. None of them really critical, though the scapegoat bug (i.e. the AI finds a way to counter the Martyr) was pretty hilarious, and these are good to get fixed in any event. Enjoy! This is a […]

AI War 6.0 and Ancient Shadows Expansion Materialize on Steam

All AI War products on sale until October 26th to celebrate launch. Arcen Games is pleased to announce the launch of AI War 6.0 along with the game’s fourth expansion Ancient Shadows, available now on Steam. Among several other content additions, Ancient Shadows brings Champions into the fray. These behemoths can be upgraded, gain EXP, […]

AI War Beta 5.096-5.097 “Release Candidates 1-2” Released!

This one is the first release-candidate for our 6.0 release. In other words: this _is_ 6.0 (aside from the new Ancient Shadows music, that comes Friday) unless we get a report of a critical bug that must be fixed before the official release. This one adds 25 champion-related achievements, fixes a bunch of unit description-text […]

AI War 6.0 Trailer (Also Featuring Ancient Shadows)

Version 6.0 of the cult classic strategy game AI War: Fleet Command arrives this Friday the 19th, along with its fourth expansion: Ancient Shadows.  One of the best-reviewed PC games of 2009, AI War has continued to grow each year with new expansions, new free content, and continual refinements to the deep strategic gameplay it […]

AI War Beta 5.095 “Apply Core Sanding Machine” Released!

This one is VERY near the end of our polishing the game to get it ready for 6.0. I still have some achievements to add, a bunch of text fixes to make, and a couple other not-really-game-logic things to change, but other than that, we’re there. Unless there’s something horribly broken in this version; so […]

AI War Beta 5.094 “Apply MkIV Sanding Machine” Released!

This one is near the end of our polishing the game to get it ready for 6.0. There’s one more chunk of changes I want to get in before calling it a release candidate. So this one’s basically bugfixes and some balance, including many smaller suggestions from our players that I hadn’t gotten to until […]

New AI War Screenshots (base game + all expansions)

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve updated our screenshots for AI War: Fleet Command, and version 6.0 really improves the visuals of the space backgrounds.  So here’s our new selection of screenshots. As a reminder, version 6.0 of AI War is going to be coming out officially on this Friday the 19th, along […]

AI War Beta 5.093 “Apply MkIII Sanding Machine” Released!

This one continues the process of polishing the game up for the 6.0 official release. Bugfixes and balance, basically, but it’s pretty important stuff. Most significantly, the nebula scenarios have been adjusted in a few ways that should make them more enjoyable, and perhaps a bit easier. You can now get repair and module-construction-assistance from […]

AI War Beta 5.091-5.092 “Apply MkII Sanding Machine” Released!

This one contains several relatively small changes. Some are important fixes, some are just polishing up for the official release. Perhaps most significantly, military command stations have been reworked into a substantially more powerful unit in their own right. Their actual contribution to a main-chokepoint defense isn’t much changed (which is to say, it’s still […]

Meet Some Of The Monsters Of Valley 2 (Concept Art)

I thought that folks might enjoy seeing some more of the concept art sketches for various of the 120 new enemies that are coming for A Valley Without Wind 2.  These concept sketches are done at Heavy Cat for purposes of informing the final sprites that will be created of each monster; these aren’t the […]

AI War Beta 5.090 “Fish Or Cut Bait” Released!

This one continues addressing issues that were a high priority (for the timeframe of the upcoming official version) for our community in this poll. This time: The #1 request was that free threat not camp on a wormhole forever if the planet on the other side was too strong for it to consider attacking. Fish […]

AI War: Ancient Shadows Includes Almost 100 Minutes Of Music!

Reminder: AI War: Ancient Shadows is going to come out of beta and arrive on Steam on October 19th!  You can currently preorder and get in on the beta at the above link if you wish.  All of the features are now in place for it, and we’re just going through final polishing. Well, except […]

AI War Beta 5.089 “Apply Sanding Machine” Released!

This one addresses a number of issues that were a high priority (for the timeframe of the upcoming official version) for our community in this poll. Specifically: Engineer logic for picking what targets to assist first. Mostly this relates to repair order, but also somewhat to build-assistance. Let us know how it feels now, and […]

AI War Beta 5.088 “Strategic Reserve” Released!

This one deals with several longstanding requests that have been at the top of the mantis voting for a while: 1) Now the game will tell you what the local time is, and how much real time you’ve actually spent in that particular game, when you mouseover the in-game clock. Note: the “how much real […]