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A Valley Without Wind 2 – a full sequel free for existing customers – is coming.

I’ve been hinting about this over here, and actually answered a lot of questions about it.  However, we were planning on doing a big announcement through an interview with a major news site to announce the game, and so we didn’t want to say too much. We’re now reversing that stance, however.  We actually don’t […]

AI War Beta 5.087 “Brawl Royale” Released!

This one contains the last new content that was part of the original promise in the Ancient Shadows expansion, namely the last “main” nebula scenario (which is where I got the release name, it’s pretty intense) and the largest champion hull size. There’s still other things I may add over the next few weeks (modular […]

AI War Beta 5.085-5.086 “Shady Carriers” Released!

This one is probably the second-to-last update containing new Ancient Shadows content (though additional scenarios beyond the next may be added between now and release, time permitting). It adds two new scenarios for seeding in the nebulae. There’s also a significant rebalance of AI guardians and AI carriers (what happens when you blow up a […]

AI War Beta 5.084 “Diplomatic Incident” Released!

This one continues our process of finishing up the last new content for the Ancient Shadows expansion, and adds another scenario that can seed in a nebula. There are a few old friend/foes/friendly-foes in there, hence the title of this release. Several balance changes, particularly to the bring the Dark Spire minor faction back into […]

Evolution Of Shattered Haven

Thought it was about time for a general update on our upcoming game Shattered Haven! Art EvolutionFor Shattered Haven, you may recall that Heavy Cat Multimedia is doing all-new pixel art for this game just as they are doing all-new higher-res art for AVWW.  Both projects are going really well, although we’ve been so hard […]

AI War Beta 5.083 “Core Values” Released!

This one is a relatively small release, for us, but the impact on the endgame should be… interesting. It’s the last of the non-champion-related new content for Ancient Shadows and adds 3 new Core Guard Posts that the AI can use its “brutal” picks on when populating an AI homeworld’s defenses during mapgen. They’re all […]

New WIP Art Images For A Valley Without Wind

It’s been exactly a month since my last post of WIP art on AVWW!  Fear not, it’s not because not much has been going on — it’s because a ton has, but we can’t quite talk about it yet.  That said, the art is proceeding really well and I thought I’d share these bits of […]

AI War Beta 5.080-5.082 “Bonus Round” Released!

This one adds the last three bonus ship types of the Ancient Shadows expansion: The Youngling Firefly is sort of a mix between the youngling idea, the zenith viral shredder, and a bugzapper. Basically it’s an ok fighter that does an AOE explosion when it dies, but that aoe explosion gets stronger based on how […]

Back Home After A Fun And Busy PAX

The emotional roller coaster that is exhibiting at PAX is behind us for the second time this year. I was able to snap/dig up a handful of photos at the event showing the Indie Megabooth crew, our indie dev talk, the Arcen station, and one shot of me looking particularly frowny (think that was near the […]

AI War Beta 5.077-5.079 “Cap Tectonics” Released!

This one finally implements a change that’s been on the table in the forums for a month or so: fleet ship caps no longer go down at higher marks. This will help them be more attractive to human players and more useful for both players and the AI (previously a cap of mkV fleet ships […]

AI War Beta 5.076 “Clusters Of Pain” Released!

This one is out tonight instead of Monday because a recent change broke the tutorial. But it also contains two significant bits of content for the Ancient Shadows expansion: a variant of the Clusters map type with more outlandish intra-cluster arrangement, and a new minor faction: the Dark Spire. Some of you may be thinking […]