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AI War Beta 5.074-5.075 “Focused Forces” Released!

This one includes some key enhancements to the base game we wanted to get in with enough testing time left before 6.0. Players have been telling us for a while that the AI’s Special Forces units were basically… irrelevant. They used to be far more significant but many changes over the years have resulted in […]

Shattered Haven Website Page And First Teaser Video

We’ve now launched the Shattered Haven page on our site, which has a variety of new information about the game that we’ve not revealed before.  For one thing, it includes a bit more of the story of what is going on with the family at the center of the plot of the game. Also out […]

AI War Beta 5.072-5.073 “A Revised Experience” Released!

This one adds another nebula scenario that the game can pick to throw at you. “Throw” is somewhat literal, as you will see. Also added some more champion toys to the potential-scenario-reward toybox, and the last modular fortress (Zenith), for your AI-smashing pleasure. More important than another scenario (though that is cool) are several important […]

Shattered Haven Artwork Preview

So, you may remember that we’re currently working on a project called Shattered Haven: Heavy Cat Studios, who are also doing the art revamp for A Valley Without Wind, have been hard at work on the graphics for Shattered Haven as well.  The two games have a very different in-game style, as SH is a […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.207 “Double Lightning” Released!

This one is the next in our series of adding a new spell and other new tweaks each week while the game is undergoing its art revamp for the next few months. There are really a lot of good things in this one.  For one, the new spell is just made of awesomesauce: it’s easily […]

AI War Beta 5.070 “The Once And Fortress King” Released!

This one adds two new bonus ship types: the Zenith Reprocessor, and the much-anticipated Zenith Siege Engine. The latter has to stay immobile for 15 seconds before firing, but it hits like a truck once it does. A truck loaded with plasma torpedoes, that is. Another long-requested change, from the top of the mantis voting […]

Arcen Games Heading To PAX Prime With Indie Mega Booth

We had a lot of fun exhibiting at PAX East earlier this year in Boston. So much so we decided we just couldn’t pass up the chance to do the same at PAX Prime next week in Seattle. So if you’re attending, keep an open spot in your schedule to stop by! (Or even better, […]

AI War Beta 5.068-5.069 “Old Enmity Reclaimed” Released!

This one adds another scenario that can be seeded in a nebula. The usual goes with it: more champion hulls and module lines are possible as rewards. There’s also a couple new abilities that can be unlocked through nebula rewards. A few important balance changes were made to recently-added stuff: Tackle Drone Launchers got nerfed […]

AI War Beta 5.064-5.066 “Abilities Unlocked” Released!

This one adds two more bonus ship types for the Ancient Shadows expansion: the Neinzul Scapegoat and the Spire Railcluster. The Scapegoat has a one-shot version of the Regenerator Golem’s ability (only works on fleet ships) and I expect to hear tales of absurd exploits and thus have to nerf it, but have fun figuring […]

Soundtrack Previews For Shattered Haven And Ancient Shadows

Pablo has been hard at work as usual, and is producing some of his best music ever.  He’s learned some improved mastering techniques, and at some point in the coming months is going to be working on remastering the AVWW and AI War soundtracks in general.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of new tracks […]

WIP Images From The A Valley Without Wind Art Revamp

These aren’t final yet, but it’s been a while since we’ve shared any images from the art rework project and I wanted to give you a taste of what’s coming.  These are coming along well! Part of a scrolling parallax backdrop Desert Building Desert Building 2 Desert Hut Again, bear in mind that none of […]

Steam Daily Deal: A Valley Without Wind 50% Off Today Only

On the heels of A Valley Without Wind’s latest post-release beta update Steam is offering the game at 50% off today only as a Daily Deal. Meaning you can pickup both the individual game and/or the four-pack for half the price! If you’ve been out of the loop for a bit, AVWW is undergoing a major […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.206 “Watery Warp” Released!

This one is the next in our series of adding a new spell and other new tweaks each week while the game is undergoing its art revamp for the next few months. Since I’ve been working on porting Shattered Haven to the new engine, plus working on getting the AVWW art revamp project off the […]

AI War Beta 5.061 “*Tackled*, Medic!” Released!

This one adds the first two bonus ship types of the Ancient Shadows expansion: the Zenith Medic Frigate (from one of RCIX’s ideas) and the Tackle Drone Launcher (we invented that pain ourselves). Both boldly fill roles where no fleet ship has filled before. Particularly the “push the enemy’s ships around like a jerk” role. […]

AI War: Ancient Shadows Beta Release Coverage

The AI War: Ancient Shadows beta kicked off this past week, and already we’re seeing some great coverage coming in for the expansion. The latest update is out now, offering the first major content release on top of what was initially packed in. As far as getting the expansion to work with a Steam copy of the base […]

AI War Beta 5.058 “Further Shadows” Released!

This one is the first substantial content addition since the initial beta release of our new AI War expansion pack, Ancient Shadows. This update adds a second scenario that can be seeded in a nebula, beginning the move towards much-needed variety for the champions’ “offroad” exploits. This scenario introduces three new splinter factions (one zenith, […]

Revised Logo For Ancient Shadows

In case you missed it from our main news blog, the beta and preorders for AI War: Ancient Shadows began yesterday! One particular complaint that caught me by surprise was about the logo for the expansion, which was using a font that apparently is widely-reviled.  Algerian wasn’t a font I was terribly familiar with (not […]

AI War Ancient Shadows Beta/Preorders Begin!

Version 5.052 begins the public beta for Ancient Shadows, our newest expansion to AI War. We waited longer than usual to start the preorders and public beta for Ancient Shadows because we wanted to get the anchor feature to a playable state, and it’s pretty complex under-the-hood. So, what’s the anchor feature? Champions! A bit […]

Busy Schedule For The Remainder Of 2012

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the forums and/or the Games By Design blog, you’ll know we’ve been planning quite a bit for the second half of the year. A new AI War expansion, completely redone art for A Valley Without Wind, and the reveal of our latest title Shattered Haven. AI War: Ancient […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.204-1.205 “Bubbles ‘Round The Campfire” Released!

This one is continuing our trend of adding a new spell and other new tweaks each week while the game is undergoing its art revamp for the next few months. Since I was out on vacation last week, I obviously didn’t add any new spell last week.  So this week there are two!  Campfire is […]

Shattered Haven — Another Upcoming Project

I’ve mentioned a couple of places now that I’m working on “another project.”  Shattered Haven is that project. This project is already extremely far along, because savvy Arcen lore-fiends will recognize that this is a revival of my old Alden Ridge project under a new name and with a ton of revisions (including 100% new […]

Update On The “A Valley Without Wind” Art Rework Project

So!  You may or may not know, but we’ve been working on getting a variety of mockups for A Valley Without Wind in order to significantly improve the quality of the art.  The art quality of the game has been really divisive among players since before beta for the game even started, but we never […]

AI War: Ancient Shadows Marauder Starbase Teaser

We had hoped to be at a point where we could reveal a lot more information about Ancient Shadows this week, but as it turns out most of that is going to need to wait until next week.  Still, we don’t want to leave you empty-handed — so here’s a screenshot of what Keith is […]