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AI War Beta 5.051 “Optical Repair” Released!

This one starts our response to the winner of our first “Aim the nerfbat (AI-side)” poll. The landslide winner was the AI Eye. Curiously, the main call was not so much for the eye to be made less strong but to be made less monotonous and frustrating. As one player put it: fighting the first […]

AI War Beta 5.050 “Botnet Escape” Released!

This one responds to most of the remaining feedback from the last round of polls. Specifically: The Zenith/Spire starships got their long awaited promotion into two new separate lines of starship. The Player Home Forcefield Generator got grav and tachyon coverage (and two semi-related issues with home defense were addressed). The Spire Stealth Battleship was […]

AI War Beta 5.047-5.049 “Archived Memory” Released!

This one is mostly a quick release to get a fix to some recent memory/performance problems out along with an advanced setting slider to help players directly experiencing those problems see if the sprite-pooling (or lack thereof) really is the cause. Also a significant rework to the Spire Archive, which won the most recent “Worst […]

AI War Beta 5.046 “The AI Is Not Amused” Released!

This one deals with the resurgence of a most bothersome bug (for those not following the link, it’s a joke about people beating 10/10). On higher difficulties the AI will now be harder to “put to sleep” with AIP reduction. The AI will now be more clever with the schizo-wave modifier and still send homogenous […]

AI War Beta 5.045 “It’s Full Of Something Other Than Stars!” Released!

This one is a major upgrade to the game’s visual fidelity (one of the big pieces of free content in 6.0 that’s for everyone, not just those getting the Ancient Shadows expansion). There’s also another hotfix to try to deal with the performance problems some people have been seeing since 5.042. Enjoy! This is a […]

Graphical Preview Of The New AI War Starfields/Nebulae/Planets

It’s traditional that when we do an expansion for AI War, we also wind up doing a lot of new content for the base game.  At this point we’ve been doing ongoing sporadic content for the base game for the last 18 months since the 5.0 version.  So the difference is already substantial between 5.0 […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.201-1.203 “Entropic Leap” Released!

This one is our first post-1.2 beta update and it’s largely responding to bug reports and feature suggestions from the past several days. Many thanks for the feedback! But Chris also added a new monster (the Entropic Esper) and two new spells (Leaping Death and Flower X). The game should probably drop a lot of […]

AI War Beta 5.043-5.044 “A Dubious Honor” Released!

This one answers the results of our sixth “Worst Unit” poll. Our “winners” were the Zenith Reserves, the Decloaker, the Captive Human Settlement, and the Spire Armor Rotter. Everyone give them a hand! Hmm, they don’t seem amused. But at least they’ll enjoy the buffs! We’ve also dealt with a couple longstanding player annoyances in […]

AI War Beta 5.042 “Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain” Released!

This one contains a lot of engine improvements backported from AVWW.  Rendering is now more efficient, and in theory a lot of the textbox issues should be dealt with now. There’s also a bunch of little fixes to recent stuff like the energy rework, drones, and the line-place context menu.  And some balance changes to […]

Graphical Preview Of A Few Ships From AI War: Ancient Shadows

In case you haven’t heard from our other blog, AI War is getting a new expansion this October.  Awesome!  I can’t tell you what any of these ships do yet, but here’s a preview of a few: A mysterious human ship A mysterious zenith ship A mysterious neinzul ship A mysterious human marauder ship And […]

AVWW 1.2 and AI War Expansion 4 News as Steam Summer Sale Rages

The Steam Summer Sale is on! All of our currently released games and expansions are on sale for the duration of the event. Here’s the breakdown: A Valley Without Wind 40% off AI War, the Alien Bundle, and all currently available expansions 66% off Tidalis 66% off Other great indies on sale: Gratuitous Tank Battles […]

AI War Betas 5.036-5.041 Released!

Catching up on some recent updates to AI War.  Sorry about not mentioning them on the blog before, I (Keith) am new to actually pushing these updates out myself :) In chronological order: 5.036 had several important enhancements to AI viciousness to retaliate for celebrate a recent 10/10 victory, and also added a bunch of […]

AI War: Ancient Shadows Teaser / Q&A

  To stave off the inevitable questions, and because we’re not that cruel: Is This The Fourth Expansion Pack For AI War: Fleet Command? Yes. When Will The Expansion Be Coming Out? In all likelihood, October. When Will The Beta/Preorder Process Start? “Soon.”  In the past with our AI War expansions, we set the game […]

A Valley Without Wind 1.2 Brings New Level Progression, Citybuilding and Crafting Systems

Arcen Games announces the official release of A Valley Without Wind 1.2, now available as a free update for owners of the game. While the changes were vast going from 1.0 to 1.1, what’s been added and improved upon between 1.1 and 1.2 is less about breadth and more about depth. A full reflection has […]

Analyzing A Valley Without Wind’s Further Transformation From 1.1 to 1.2

It really hasn’t been all that long since my reflections on the changes from 1.0 to 1.1, and yet already we’re to another major turning point for the game. Version 1.2 represents three huge steps forward for the game, despite the fact that the 1.2 release notes aren’t as fantastically long as the prior ones […]

AVWW 1.2 Official Released In Patch Form!

This one is the culmination of our second series of post-release updates for the game.  It’s currently available to all players through the in-game updater.  It will become available via installers and the Steam auto-updater and so forth later today, and we’ll have full details on what’s new at that time. In the meantime, if […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.116 “Another Balance Pass” Released!

This one is our fifth release candidate for 1.2, meaning that if there’s nothing majorly wrong with it then this will be the 1.2 official version on tomorrow morning and we’ll then continue working on 1.3 instead.  We’d planned on doing the 1.2 official today if there weren’t any major issues, but there were some […]

Guide To Upgrading To A Valley Without Wind 1.2 From 1.0 Or 1.1

So!  You’ve played A Valley Without Wind before, but then you’ve been a way for a bit and we went and changed everything behind your back while you weren’t looking. And now there’s all these shiny new features that you’re excited about, but you feel like a newbie at the game and don’t really know […]

Strategy Guide For Citybuilding In A Valley Without Wind 1.2

Lots of new stuff with the citybuilding, so we thought we’d do a little guide for those who might be interested. First Off, What’s Gone If You Played Older VersionsFeel free to skip this section if you weren’t already familiar with older versions of the game; it’s only relevant if you’re trying to reconcile the […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.115 “The Story Of Jinsiek And John” Released!

This one is our fourth release candidate for 1.2, meaning that if there’s nothing majorly wrong with it then this will be the 1.2 official version on Monday and we’ll then continue working on 1.3 instead. There actually aren’t any bugfixes in this one, but a last bit of content that we’ve been meaning to […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.114 “Nobody Lives On That Blue Submarine, Actually ” Released!

This one is our third release candidate for 1.2, meaning that if there’s nothing majorly wrong with it then this will be the 1.2 official version on Monday and we’ll then continue working on 1.3 instead. However, aside from a few bugfixes in this version, we actually added two new buildings for you to explore […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.112-1.113 “Collect Yer Incineration Bonus” Released!

This one is actually our first release candidate for 1.2, meaning that if there’s nothing majorly wrong with it then this will be the 1.2 official version on Monday and we’ll then continue working on 1.3 instead. However, insane people that we are, we actually added three substantial new features in this version anyhow. The […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.110-1.111 “Dispatch Missions For NPCs” Released!

This one completes the last of our features for the official 1.2 release, and it’s yet another big one. Dispatch Missions And Gifts To NPCs I’m going to try to do a brief, quick, simple rundown here. All those profession books and “mood gifts” you’ve been collecting for the last couple of versions?  You can […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.109 “Of A Moody Temperament” Released!

This one is yet another biggie.  We’re certainly having a goodly streak of those. Procedurally Random Spells Get A Lot More Varied As of last night, it was 48 distinct possible modifiers of 18 unique kinds, according to Keith.  Then he went and added a few more today, so I’m not sure what we’re up […]