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SavyGamer’s Anniversary Sale: AI War, Tidalis, And More

Our friend Lewie P. is celebrating the fifth anniversary of his bargain games site SavyGamer, and in effort to spread the love around he’s organized a nice promotion that has several developers offering significant discounts on their titles over the next week. Using the coupon code “SavyGamer5” when purchasing AI War Alien Bundle (or any of its products) and/or […]

AVWW Now Available On Desura; New Reviews and Coverage

A few new AVWW items to pass along. First off, post-release 1.007 hit last night, bringing in several new features and improvements. If you’ve been away from Environ for a couple days, check back in and take another look around. We’re also happy to pass along that A Valley Without Wind is out on Desura. Both the full game […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.007 “Now Where Did I Put That Grocery List?” Released!

This one is filled with all sorts of awesome new features, if I do say so. Loot Goals / Shopping Lists These are the most obvious new feature, and something that players have been requesting pretty heavily.  So you want to get spells A, B, and C — those each have various component ingredients that […]