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New AVWW Reviews and GGTL’s Livestream Event

A few new A Valley Without Wind reviews we wanted to pass along, plus a live event taking place this weekend to mention. In Armaan Khan’s review on TruePCGaming he felt had barely scratched the surface in terms of content during the 12 hours he spent in the game. As he puts it: “a time in which […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.002-1.006 “Upgraded Elitism” Released!

This one is the second of our post-release beta updates, and it focuses once again on what they newly-expanded player community has been telling us. Enemy Elites First of all, the elites were me with a mixture of joy and dismay with the last release.  On the one hand, they were greeted with great interest […]

AVWW Launch Week Press Continues To Roll In

Some wonderful surprises arrived today on the press front for A Valley Without Wind, highlighted by Kate Cox’s feature on Kotaku where she raved about the game so eloquently we had to have one of her best quotes added to our game page on Steam. Rob Manuel gave us a very nice shout out in […]

AVWW Post-Release 1.001 “Arrival Of The Elites” Released!

This one is the first of our post-release beta updates.  If you’re new to Arcen post-release support, here’s how it works: 1. We’ve released the 1.000 version of the game, and that’s stable and great. 2. Now we’ve started releasing beta versions after that, which may have more bugs but which have all sorts of […]

AVWW Launch Day 1B Press

We’re finally in the homestretch of the 48-hour launch day for A Valley Without Wind. The game is now out on Steam and IndieCity, and we have a slew of new coverage landing since our last update. Dan Crabtree gives the game a ‘Try It’ rating in his review ‘A Valley Without Wind remembers a […]

A Valley Without Wind Hits 1.0, Released on Steam

Arcen Games is proud to announce the 1.0 release of our procedurally-generated, open-world sidescroller A Valley Without Wind. This marks the debut of the game on Steam, and the game remains available through the Arcen Store, GamersGate, Impulse, IndieCity, and MacGameStore. In celebration of the launch, the title will be 10% off the standard $14.99 […]

AVWW Launch Day 1A Press

As you may have heard today’s A Valley Without Wind’s launch went well in several ways, but the day wrapped with us having to move the game’s release on a couple distributors (Steam and Gamestop) back until tomorrow. Everything is progressing well, we just ran out of time tonight. Reviews, Impressions, and Interviews Still there was […]

Well… We’ve Halfway Launched. Rest To Come Tomorrow!

Today has been… one of those days.  Not particularly for us directly, but apparently there were a lot of games coming out today and in general just lots of craziness going on in the world of gaming.  Distributors moving office locations, distributors out of the country they’re based in, distributors drowning under the weight of […]

New Wave Of A Valley Without Wind Press Includes First Reviews

On the eve of A Valley Without Wind’s release we have several bits of press coverage to share including the first two reviews for the game. James Allen enjoyed nearly all aspects of the title giving the game a 7/8 on Out of Eight. James also posted a sizable YT video entitled ‘Battleground, Building and Cave Exploration, […]

Explaining “A Valley Without Wind.” What The Heck Is It?

Just what is this game “A Valley Without Wind” from indie studio Arcen Games all about?  Read on to find out. Procedural World Filled With Choice And CustomizationAt first glance it looks like your average 2D Metroidvania title, just with magic instead of guns.  The difference is choice: except for a brief linear intro mission, […]

Launch Trailer For A Valley Without Wind!

Reminder: the launch for the game is coming right up on this very next Monday, the 23rd of April!  Now is your last chance to get it for the preorder discount of 33% off!

AVWW Beta 0.971 “Release Candidate 2” Released!

This one is basically AVWW 1.0, unless a showstopper bug comes up between now and Monday that we need to slip in.  Otherwise all further changes to the game will be post-release content. :) Specifically, this version fixes a crash bug that cropped up in the last 3-4 versions based on a bug in unity.  […]

AVWW Beta 0.970 “Release Candidate 1” Released!

This one is basically AVWW 1.0, unless a showstopper bug comes up between now and Monday that we need to slip in.  Otherwise all further changes to the game will be post-release content. :) Presuming nothing bad comes up in the meantime, the next batch of stuff is planned hit on late Monday.  Enjoy! This […]

AVWW Beta 0.934 “Dastardly Lasers” Released!

This one is the second of what hopefully will only be three releases today.  It contains a number of fixes, including a key fix to the “lasers” that were causing unhandled exceptions when you were in stealth mode.  There’s also a few other minor balance and sound effect things in there, too. More to come […]

AVWW Beta 0.933 “The Classic Choice: Orb Or Slice” Released!

This one is probably the second-to-last release prior to 1.0.  There will be another release later tonight, and hopefully that will be the last one unless some critical bugs are found overnight. The current release has a variety of fixes and tweaks that players had asked us for, as well as a fairly good-sized list […]

More PAX East 2012 Coverage For A Valley Without Wind

PAX East coverage for A Valley Without Wind continues to roll in… Just Press Start’s Jeff Ortloff got the full tour of the Arcen Booth, posting audio interviews with both Chris and Pablo. Gameinpublic posted the first ten minutes of the indie game talk I took part in. This was day two (we did a […]

AVWW Beta 0.932 “The ATI Salve” Released!

This one has a whole lot of cool stuff in it, and you should totally check out the release notes.  I’d tell you more about it, but I-am-so-exhausted. The brief version: massive performance boost on ATI in particular; control scheme improvements for non keyboard+mouse players; miscellaneous fixes; less insanely difficult battlefields. More to come soon.  […]

AI War Beta 5.033 “And Other Times There Are A Few Too Many Ponies” Released!

This one is mainly more balance based on the “worst unit of all time” polls.  Interestingly, with last patch’s improvements to the harvesters we actually went a bit too far — so, yeah, we’re totally taking that pony back. ;)  More interesting is what is getting buffed this time, which includes the Neinzul Enclave Starships […]

AVWW Beta 0.931 “Sometimes One Pony Isn’t Enough” Released!

This one is, again, all about the fixes and polish — in keeping with our agenda for the next week.  We’ll be back to content updates next week, once we hit 1.0. This one is really all over the place in terms of what it addresses.  Battlefield missions have some teeth again.  Continents now get […]

AVWW Beta 0.930 “Bugfixes Are Always Better When They Involve Ponies” Released!

This one is all about the fixes and polish, in keeping with our agenda for the next week.  We’ll be back to content updates next week, once we hit 1.0. The biggest news with this one is incredibly-better gamepad support.  You can customize your analog noise filtering sensitivity and everything, and map up to 8 […]

Our New Agenda For The Last Week Prior To AVWW 1.0.

The short version: we’re going into bugfix, polish, and usability mode between now and about Thursday.  Then Friday I’ll be getting stuff to the various distributors so that everything can be all hooked up for a release on Monday.  Then this weekend I’m going to take the weekend off (barring unforeseen catastrophic issues); it’ll be […]

AVWW Beta 0.929 “Leafy Black Smoke” Released!

This one is mostly a content update to add some new spells.  Now that the mana changes in the prior version are in place, it was time to start adding more spells at various points along the spectrum.  So now we have leafy whip, clinging fetor, cleft smoglet, and flameout for your enjoyment. The other […]

AVWW Beta 0.928 “Achieving The Leading Causes Of Death ” Released!

This one was supposed to come out yesterday, but then, well… it grew.  A lot. Achievements So, not that long ago we weren’t sure if we’d have time to have these at all.  Then a few days ago I was saying we’d probably have 15-20 or so for 1.0, and then get to more later […]

AVWW Beta 0.927 “Brief And Clear” Released!

This one is our first release of today, but it won’t be the last.  The main reason we’re pushing this one out is that we have folks working on screenshots and videos, and we want to make sure that two graphical glitches that are finally fixed in this version (after having been present for the […]

Bits And Pieces From PAX East

Volatar on the forums reminded me that I needed to do a post about how PAX went — so here I am!  It’s been a whirlwind since getting back from PAX, and I still have an enormous backlog of emails that I’ve not yet had a chance to respond to.  I’m getting to them — […]

PAX East 2012 Coverage For A Valley Without Wind

We spent much of our time at PAX East chatting it up with press, filling interview appointments and having them take a quick tour of A Valley Without Wind. Here’s the coverage to come about from our trip to Boston thus far: John Polson interviews Chris in an excellent piece on entitled Indie Devs Weigh in on […]

AVWW Beta 0.926 “Things You Might Like To Know” Released!

This one is our first release since getting back from PAX East, and it’s a big one.  Not only does it have all the stuff that Keith and Josh were working on while the rest of us were at the convention, it also has a first round of improvements based on our observations of players […]

A Valley Without Wind at PAX East 2012!

We’re all so excited to be at the PAX East Expo 2012! If you’re at the expo, be sure to stop by our booth (#364)! Check out our Facebook page or twitter account for pictures!