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AI War Beta 5.028/5.029, “Hacker Revolution,” Released!

This one is an enormously, enormously cool release.  First off, lots more balance tweaks, and that annoying group-move bug was fixed, among other things.  All thanks to Keith, of course. Next, two existing mechanics have been united under the generalized new banner of “hacking the AI:” knowledge raiding and superterminals.  As such their mechanics have […]

AVWW Beta 0.903 “There Was A Hole Here” Released!

A better title for this one would actually have been “There was a ladder here.  It’s gone now.”  But I couldn’t resist using one of my favorite Silent Hill 2 quotes a little more overtly.  This release comes quickly on the heels of the prior one, and does a few things.  First of all, it […]

AVWW Beta 0.902 “The Kid Gloves Are Officially Off” Released!

This one, once again, is primarily focused on difficulty.  To be more specific, the lack of spread of combat difficulties in the recent versions.  This game has always been designed to cater to a diverse crowd in terms of skill level, but in recent version we had a lot of combat difficulties suited for low-skill […]

A Valley Without Wind (Unofficially) At GDC

I’ll be attending GDC this week in San Francisco to get educated, meet-up with some awesome indie developers, and generally disappoint those who were hoping to see Chris instead. ;) If you’re going to be at or around the conference during the week and would like to get together to chat, play AVWW, or just drink together in […]

AVWW Beta 0.901 “I May Or May Not Want To Be That Guy” Released!

Two days into beta phase 3, and now we have this one.  It’s a fairly good-sized one, though I would have liked to have been able to pack in more spells and such.  But we did manage to get one new spell in here, along with a raft of other improvements. Missions Changes Rescue NPC […]