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AI War Beta 5.024, “Carrier Rules Of Engagement,” Released!

This one has another big batch of fixes and tweaks, on a variety of ships and parts of the interface.  Some welcome changes to the Plasma Siege Starships as well as the Spirecraft Shield Bearers, for instance, as well as Spider Turrets. The biggest bunch of changes, however, is to the AI Carriers: how you’re […]

AVWW Beta 0.570/0.571 “The Guardian City” Released!

This one has a huge, huge number of miscellaneous fixes and tweaks; far too many to even try summarizing.  Well, normally I would try, but it’s really late and I’m incredibly tired.  So I’ll just point you to the link above, for most of it. Guardian Powers And Citybuilding Structures Are In! But the big […]

Just Press Start Podcast And Gnome’s Lair Interview

With A Valley Without Wind emerging out of over a month of heavy construction and significant changes, we’re entering a phase where the game is settling into a stable enough state for us to start chatting with the press about it once more. This week we’ve had a couple new interviews hit: Chris and I had an excellent […]

AVWW Beta 0.569 “Water Cushion ” Released!

This one is a very small maintenance release that fixes two bugs — the more serious of which that falling very far in water could be death.  We didn’t want people to have to work around that for very long! It also includes a great new battlefield music track for the battlefield missions, though, as […]

AVWW Beta 0.568 “The Sky That Fell” Released!

This one has a whole bunch of fixes and tweaks to a lot of random parts of the game, first of all.  There’s also quite a bit of minor polish that has been applied, which will hopefully make the experience smoother both for experienced and for new players alike. The first big thing in this […]