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AI War Beta 5.023, “Plasma Siege Starships,” Released!

This one has a bunch of tweaks and fixes that should be really welcome (almost all of them were player requests, after all).  There’s actually quite a bit that is significant in here, such as many golems getting tweaks and turrets getting energy costs rebalanced almost across the board. But of course none of these […]

AVWW Beta 0.566/0.567 “OSX Framerates Rejoice” Released!

This one is another maintenance release of sorts, focusing on this same mantis issue from 0.565.  On the bright side, not only does that issue seem truly dead now (knock on wood), but performance in general has seen yet another boost.  On my OSX laptop I now routinely get 100+ fps, whereas at the start […]

AVWW Beta 0.565 “Better Texture Sorting And Other Tricks ” Released!

This one is more or less a maintenance patch based on issues reported in this mantis issue.  It should be a help to performance in general, though, even for folks not affected by the core reported issue. More to come soon.  Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater […]

AVWW Beta 0.564 “Gravity Kicks In” Released!

This one isn’t really that large in what it changes, all told, but the thing that it changes is pretty fundamental: wooden platforms and player-placed crates no longer float in the sky.  They wood platforms will still hang against any sort of background wall, but in the surface areas they are now useless. This changes… […]

AI War Beta 5.022, “Minor Tweaks And Fixes,” Released!

This one is really just a maintenance release.  There are a couple of balance tweaks that players requested, and we fixed a bug from the prior version that had busted tutorials.  Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 4.000 or later. When you […]

AVWW Beta 0.563 “Migratory Battlefields” Released!

This one is one that I think players will find very exciting.  It’s not as massive as the prior one, but it does include a number of key fixes and two major new features that have been asked-for. The first is… a new mission type!  At long last.  This one is a “battlefield” sort of […]

AI War Beta 5.021, “Hybrid Helper Pie,” Released!

This one is filled with some really cool stuff that I had no hand in.  Keith has been really adding in some neat new features with this one, as well as a lot of housekeeping stuff. First off, there’s a lot of balance stuff in here.  AI superforts won’t be so annoying to deal with […]

AVWW Beta 0.562 “Continental Drift ” Released!

This one is… massive.  Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.  I’m not sure that this is our largest single beta release ever for any of our games, but it’s certainly our largest one that was done in just a week. Consequently, even trying to summarize what all has changed is really difficult — so […]

AVWW Beta 0.561 “Don’t Follow Those Lights! ” Released!

This one contains two new enemies: Will O’ The Wisps, and Crashed Land Speeder Robots.  One very fantasy, one very sci-fi.  The swamp, the junkyards, and the thawing ice age areas definitely feel a lot more rounded-out now, although of course there’s still more enemies we want to add with time. This version also completely […]

One More Piece Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

Been working on a variety of things today, but among them was a third piece of concept art.  I feel like this one emphasizes the sci-fi side of things more than the second one, but I’m not sure I actually like this one better than the second one; the composition and the colors aren’t quite […]

AVWW Beta 0.560 “The Green Clock-Cleaning Machine” Released!

This one comes only two days after the last release, which suddenly seems fast.  What happened to our daily release schedule!?  Well, mainly it’s that we’re working on slightly larger features that take more than a day to implement each time.  Or in the case of this specific release, a lot of medium features. There […]

Two Pieces Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

I’ve been working on doing some new concept art today so that we’d have a better boxart image than the old one, which has been feeling embarrassingly lame lately.  Here are the first two that I’ve created, and I plan to do at least one more in the next week. The second one at the […]

AVWW Beta 0.559 “The Changeling And The Hydra” Released!

This one comes very near to finishing the GUI rework, which has been my main focus for about a week.  There’s essentially a little bit of cleanup left to do, and then one last control (the “grid view”), which is only used on a single screen (the commodities inventory). I think that you’ll find the […]

AVWW Beta 0.558 “Seizing Menus ” Released!

This one is continues the menu/HUD/text work from yesterday’s release in a fairly visible fashion, and it continues the multi-part monster work in a less-so fashion. Multi-part monsters are working quite well, but now we’re doing all sorts of fun other things like making it so that you can shoot a gun on the machine […]

AVWW Beta 0.557 “Of Bitmap Fonts And Pipelines” Released!

This one is another really major release in a lot of ways, as it finally implements some major performance and render-capability improvements that I’ve been wanting to do since even before we started beta.  I’d been avoiding these things since they tend to be a time sink, but we’re now hitting the point where there […]

AVWW Beta 0.556, “Urban Predatation” Released!

Happy New Year, everyone!  This one is our first update of 2012, and it lays the groundwork for a lot of new things to come. Urban Predator First of all, there’s a cool new miniboss called the urban predator, and it’s basically this big hovering spaceship-looking thing.  Flaming exhaust shoots out of the bottom of […]

A Valley Without Wind Soundtrack Preview!

If you’ve enjoyed the music you’ve heard in A Valley Without Wind so far, then check out Pablo’s Sound Cloud page with a preview of some new tracks!