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Happy Holidays From Arcen Games!

I’m a bit late on posting this, but I just wanted to say thanks to all of our supporters who made this year our most successful yet as an indie developer.  We’re all hugely grateful, and hope that you have a happy, restful holiday season with your family.  And that you have plenty of time […]

AI War: Children of Neinzul donations to Child’s Play reach $30,741.89

As of December 23rd, 2011, we have so far raised and donated $30,741.89 for Child’s Play! That’s $2,962.77 since our September update, all of which has already gone directly to the charity.  That closes out the year with $20,212.18 having been raised and donated in 2011 — smashing our 2010 numbers, and well more than […]

AVWW Beta 0.555, “Headshotting, Kneecapping, and Ice Pirate Patrols” Released!

This one is a really substantial release, so it took us a couple of days. Enemy Weakspots First of all are the new enemy weakspots, which really add a lot to the game — shooting spells into a skelebot’s head now does 2x damage, while shooting it in the legs slows it down, for example.  […]

AVWW: Last Chance For IndieDB Top 100 Voting

There’s just a few hours left to vote for IndieDB’s Indie of the Year Top 100 competition. A Valley Without Wind has been in the mix and making a push toward the final stage where the ten top vote getters will compete the last week of 2011 for the right to be called IOTY. If […]

AI War Featured Today In Steam’s Holiday Sale Gift Pile Objectives

Our space strategy title AI War is featured today on Steam’s Holiday Sale Gift Pile! For those participating in the mega giveaway contest, make sure to snag the holiday-themed achievement for a gift and/or another token to put into the drawing that will see one entrant walking away with the entire Steam catalog. Which is rather insane. What’s the […]

AVWW Beta 0.553 & 0.554, “Shield Dash” Released!

This one is actually a series of two releases.  The first was purely a bugfix version to avoid more people having issues with world corruption that could happen in 0.552.  The second release has new tweaks and features, mainly centering around mana recharge and how mana can be expended. This will have an effect on […]

Steam Holiday Sale: AI War Products 75% Off And Two Dollar Tidalis

A quick note that our games Tidalis and AI War are on massive discount as part of Steam’s Holiday Sale that runs now through December 31st. Keep an eye on the Holiday Sale Gift Pile challenges page during the duration of the event as well for a chance to win every single game in Steam’s catalog and other prizes. […]

AVWW Beta 0.552, “Parallax And The End Of The World” Released!

This one includes a number of new things, including various balance and bugfix items that players noted from the prior version.  The changes to fire touch and the way that the class-based spell cooldowns work should be particularly welcome.  And the reference info and other in-game text is now up to date with all the […]

The Power-Coding Sprint Is Over — So What’s The Agenda Now?

For the last week, we’ve been working on power-coding.  That took us through multiplayer sync models and enemy/character stats balance, to a whole new health subsystem, to the addition of continents and a whole new mana subsystem, to a new mission system, and finally ending up with the removal of tiers, the complete revamping of […]

AVWW Beta 0.551, “Power Coding Finale: New Crafting Model, More Missions,” Released!

This one is the last of our power-coding releases — at least in this stretch.  The framework of everything we wanted to accomplish in that stretch of power-coding is now done, and now it comes more to balance, polish, and putting some meat on the new bones. New Crafting Model, No More Tiers It was […]

AVWW Beta 0.550, “Power Coding Round 4: Mission System Basics,” Released!

This one is one that we decided to push out today because there are a few critical balance tweaks and bugfixes that players could really use. Mission System Preview In terms of the core feature of this new version, the missions: the general framework is complete and in place, but there is currently only one […]

AVWW Beta 0.549, “Power Coding Round 3: Continents, New Mana Subsystem,” Released!

This one is actually two huge changes to the game. Continents Previously, the world was just one big landmass, with smaller pieces of ocean stuck here and there.  It was consistent with the story mythos about a 4D-scrambled world, but it was only so interesting.  And worst of all, it made the dividing lines for […]

A Valley Without Wind Voted Into IndieDB’s IOTY 2011 Top 100

Yesterday we received the awesome news that A Valley Without Wind has been voted into the top 100 of IndieDB’s Indie of the Year 2011, and is onto the second round. The game can be found in the “upcoming games” section under the “adventure” category. We’re both excited and humbled to still be in the running alongside some […]

AVWW Beta 0.548, “Power Coding Round 2: New Health Subsystem,” Released!

This one is another major game-flow changer.  First off, I should note that there are also some important bugfixes in here, mostly relating to multiplayer.  That’s why we went ahead and pushed this out in the middle of the day, rather than just waiting until later in the day when the rest of our new […]

AVWW Beta 0.547, “Power Coding Round 1,” Released!

There is nothing subtle or incremental about this one.  All the stats for characters and monsters have been reworked internally, and as part of that we’ve redone the general balance and flow of combat.  Enemy spells tend to be a lot slower now, but more plentiful and more frequent.  Trash mobs have a lot of […]

AVWW: Multiplayer Public Alpha, Brainstorming Subforum, And IOTY 2011

Arcen Games is pleased to pass along new information regarding our procedurally-generated, post-apocalyptic 2D sidescrolling action/adventure title A Valley Without Wind. The game has reached yet another major milestone as the multiplayer component has entered alpha and for the first time is publicly available for testing. For those interested in opting into co-operative play in […]

AVWW Beta 0.546, “Multiplayer Fixes Round 1,” Released!

This one has a whole list of fixes for multiplayer AVWW, to get rid of most of the small annoyances that have been reported.  In other news, we have plans for how to deal with the one major annoyance in the next few days, so stay tuned on that.  But we did want to give […]

AVWW Multiplayer: The Shattering Of The Multiverse

On Friday we announced the first public alpha of multiplayer, and feedback on that was very positive except for one major point, which was could not have been received more negatively.  The point in question is the “multiverse thing,” which is detailed here.What Happens Next With “The Multiverse Thing”Firstly to go ahead with the most […]

AVWW Beta 0.545, “Multiplayer Public Alpha (Opt-In),” Released!

This one has been a long time coming — in the works since October 7th, in fact.  Ever since that date, Keith has been working almost solely on getting multiplayer up and going, and so that’s caused basically nothing to happen with the macro game parts of the game for that large swathe of beta.  […]