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AVWW Beta 0.543, “The Black Wind Blows,” Released!

This one is our first one since coming back from the Thanksgiving holiday — hope everyone else who celebrates it had a great holiday also. There are a number of important bugfixes to this one, including the “leveling up takes off my suit” bug that was causing a number of people to die a fiery […]

Black Friday Steam Sale: AI War And DLC 75% Off, Tidalis 80% Off

Looking to pick up some great gifts for yourself or loved ones on Black Friday, but boarded up in your home as you rightfully should be? Great news! Online digital distribution king Steam is having an Autumn Sale, and we’re participating big time. Right now you can get AI War and all of its expansions […]

AVWW Beta 0.542, “Centurion AI,” Released!

This one has been really quite a long time coming, hasn’t it?  Unusually so, for us.  Well, it’s packed to the gills with internal enhancements to both the enemy AI and multiplayer.  We’re really getting close to being able to start our first opt-in multiplayer public alpha testing, which is very exciting for us.  That’s […]

Work Continues On The New AI System, Among Other Things

Well, I’d hoped to have the new AI system ready for a release today or even yesterday, but things don’t always go to plan.  At first I was just going to make it so that enemies could do multiple types of magic attacks.  Then I decided to wrap in some of their general logic so […]

AVWW: MineCon Giveaways, New Starting Guide, And Beta Trailer #2

Arcen Games is downright ecstatic to share the latest information regarding their procedurally-generated sidescrolling action adventure title of infinite proportions, A Valley Without Wind. AVWW’s beta will be on display at MineCon this weekend (Nov. 18-19), and to celebrate we’ll be raffling off over 100 prizes Friday and Saturday during floor hours including copies of […]

New A Valley Without Wind Video Trailer!

Just in time for Minecon, here’s the latest and greatest trailer for the game!  Erik and his friend Kevin really pulled out all the stops with this one, and I think it’s our best-put-together trailer yet.  It’s also far superior to the prior trailer in that it shows off a lot of the new spells, […]

A Week Without Updates!? An AVWW Status Report.

Ever since beta started, we’ve hardly gone a business day without updates, but here we’ve now gone a week since the last AVWW update.  Fear not!  This isn’t the start of some new trend.  It’s just been a confluence of events. First of all, I was out of the office last Thursday and Friday due […]

A Valley Without Wind Getting Started Guide – Take Two!

Note: Even this second guide is now hugely out of date, and we’ve written a replacement that you can view here. It’s been a month and a half since our first Getting Started Guide for the game, and so much has changed since then!  The old version is now confusingly wrong, as it refers to […]

Show Me The Games Indie Sale

Our friend Cliff Harris has launched an awesome sale over on Show Me The Games. Aptly titled Show Me The Sales, you’ll find Tidalis, AI War, and over a dozen other excellent indie games for a fraction of their standard price tag. The cool thing about the sale, other than the nice discounts, is that […]

AVWW Beta 0.541, “Plasma Bolt,” Released!

This one has some pretty major internal changes in terms of how the AI functions for the monsters in the game.  I’m not completely done with those upgrades yet, but already the AI has some cool new capabilities.  For one thing, enemies can now change behaviors as their level gets higher.  So, for instance, now […]

Steam Daily Deal: AI War, Alien Bundle, And All DLC 75% Off

A quick note that our massive co-op space strategy title AI War is 75% off as Steam’s Daily Deal. That means today only the base game runs just $5 instead of $20, expansions run just $2.50/$1.00 instead of $10/$4 each, and the Alien Bundle (which contains all of the aforementioned) goes for a paltry $7.50 instead of the standard […]

AVWW: New Intro Mission, MineCon Exhibiting, And IGF

Arcen Games is excited to pass along new information and details surrounding A Valley Without Wind, the game of infinite procedurally-generated 2D sidescrolling and so much more. The title has reached a sizable milestone, wrapping up series one of the beta patch releases. During the period the game saw 40 individual updates over 43 days, […]

AVWW Beta 0.540, “Whips, Bursts, And Insects,” Released!

This one has two new spell scrolls and one new spellgem.  It also has a couple of tweaks and bugfixes. The most interesting thing about these new spell scrolls is that these are the first two that are offensively-oriented in a direct fashion.  Previously scrolls were all logistical, healing, or movement type effects, except for […]

AVWW Beta 0.539, “In-Game Reference Window,” Released!

This one isn’t what I’d planned on doing today, but I’m really glad that I took this detour — and I think that even experienced AVWW players will be, too.  The big new feature in this version is the “reference window,” which lets you get at full stats for crafting, civ-level unlocks, and materials.  No […]

AVWW Beta 0.538, “Intro Mission At Last,” Released!

This one is one that I’ve really been looking forward to ever since beta began: the intro mission for the game is now complete!  Pending feedback and further testing, of course, but so far it seems pretty good to me. Intro Mission Notes The goal for the intro mission is to give new players a […]

AI War Beta 5.020, “Nanoswarm Fortress,” Released!

This one has a couple of pretty significant balance tweaks that folks should really appreciate.  Firstly, the Fallen Spire exogalactic strike forces are a bit better tuned.  Secondly, the youngling nanoswarms now really are better at their job of hitting a lot of targets.  And thirdly, the AI fortress health has been halved, making them […]

AVWW Beta 0.537, “Elemental Resistance,” Released!

This one is a pretty sizable one in terms of what it changes about the “feel” of the game.  The big new thing for existing players is the elemental damage system: spells each belong to one of six elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, and entropy), matching the colors of the gems used to create […]

AVWW Beta 0.536, “Snake In The Window,” Released!

This one is another one that has been several days in the making because of the intense number of internal changes that have been a part of it.  The recently-revised multiplayer model is continuing to get further along, and as a part of that we’ve done some refactors to help make for (longer-term) fewer bugs […]