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AI War Beta 5.018, “Ions And Attritioners,” Released!

This one has a number of balance tweaks most specifically centered around the various ion-based units and the spirecraft attritioner.  These should now be a lot more fearsome in AI hands, but even more notably a lot more attractive for players to actually build and use themselves.  There are a couple of other minor tweaks […]

AVWW Betas 0.508-0.509, “Walls? What Walls?,” Released!

These two releases are a couple of the coolest ones we’ve done yet, in terms of improving the overall feel of the game.  There were a few ongoing gripes that a lot of players had, and we’ve addressed all the most persistent ones here: Guardian stones now give you warp potions instead of warp scrolls, […]

AVWW Betas 0.505-0.507, “Skelebot Goal Kick,” Released!

These three releases have all come out in the last day or so.  Aside from a lot of general bugfixes and balance tweaks, there’s a number of cool changes here: The Skelebot Giants now have a massive knockback to their melee attacks, letting them basically punt your character a few screens away. Put in a […]

AVWW Beta 0.504, “Multicolored Offense,” Released!

After a small maintenance release last night, this one is our latest full update.  This one is full of tweaks and adjustments, including monster speed, how you transition between chunks, how the auto-potions work, how potions work in general, and how offensive spell cooldowns work.  Check out the release notes for full details. More coming […]

A Valley Without Wind Early Beta Coverage

A Valley Without Wind has been out in beta for less than 48 hours, and already there are some great previews and other coverage coming in! We definitely suggest you check out Quill18’s super informative and captivating two-part LP preview of the game, which in lieu of our getting started guide is a great way […]

AVWW Beta 0.502, “Smashed Spawners,” Released!

This one is actually our second beta update since 0.500 came out yesterday, but the first update was so puny it wasn’t worth a news post for.  Yesterday was a busy, busy day — and a really incredible day.  The amount of support and excitement for A Valley Without Wind is pretty incredible! Today was […]

AVWW Comes To GamersGate!

Joining Arcen’s other titles on GamersGate is A Valley Without Wind, which can be purchased there for the same 50% early-beta discount that Arcen is directly offering.  Be sure to check them out!

A Valley Without Wind: Public Beta Begins Now! (Plus New Trailer)

Today is the day that the public beta finally begins!  We’ve fixed up the website with new information, screenshots, and all the recent videos, including the one below. Most importantly you can now download the demo, and give the first six civilization levels a full crack if you think the game sounds interesting.  The only […]

A Valley Without Wind: Locales And Enemies

As you journey through your own unique world of Environ, you’ll primarily be splitting your time between exterior landscapes, building interiors, and underground caverns.  Not only that, but you’ll be traversing shards of nine different time periods, ranging from the prehistoric, to medieval, to modern, to far-future.  Each has a very different feel, often different […]

AI War: Alien Bundle (Physical/Digital) Arrives On Matrix Online Store

Arcen Games is pleased to announce a partnership with Matrix Games and Slitherine that offers the AI War Alien Bundle up for purchase both in physical and digital forms at the Matrix Games Online Store effective immediately. The AI War’s Alien Bundle contains the base game along with all three currently released expansions: The Zenith Remnant, […]

A Valley Without Wind: Getting Started Guide

Note: This guide is now hugely out of date, and we’ve written a replacement that you can view here. A Valley Without Wind Getting Started GuideBy Josh Knapp The year was 888. Wind blasted snowfields have covered the world of Environ for centuries… Hey! Never mind all that, let’s just get to the game! If […]

RPS Exclusive Hands-On With A Valley Without Wind

Over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jim Rossignol has published first impressions of A Valley Without Wind, which marks the first official media hands-on with the beta ahead of its imminent release. Lots of good stuff, but we’ll let Jim do the talking. Head over to one of our favorite gaming sites period and check it out. Also, […]

AI War Beta 5.017, “Return of the Hunter/Killers,” Released!

This one has the lately-omitted AI Hunter/Killer ships returning to take up a role in exo-galactic strike forces.  Perhaps more interesting to more people are the forcefield changes: the blocking effect that was removed in the last patch is now back, but the various other forcefield improvements from the last patch have been retained: regarding […]

AVWW Update: Windstorms, Fast-Travel, Vengeful Ghosts, Strategic Overlay, Citybuilding, Character Selection/Stats, Caving, Boss Types

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, but we’ve been hard at work!  No video  this time, but I wanted to tell you about a few things that are new or altered in the game, since we’re getting close to public beta.  We’re hoping to hit that stage in about another week […]

AI War Beta 5.016, “Hardened Forcefields,” Released!

This one has some really substantial changes to forcefield balance.  First of all, the player forcefields are buffed and increased in ship cap.  Then players also get a new line of mark I-III hardened forcefields, which are high-armor but lower-heath alternatives to regular forcefields. Next, the way that enemy ships collide at the edge of […]

AI War: Children of Neinzul donations to Child’s Play reach $27,779.12

As of September 1st, 2011, we have so far raised and donated $27,779.12 for Child’s Play! That’s $7,098.82 since our July update, all of which has already gone directly to the charity.  This means that we’re just a hair away from doubling the original goal of $14,000.00 raised for Child’s Play, which we could not […]