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AI War Beta 5.015, “Martyred Forcefields,” Released!

This one has a number of balanced tweaks that are notable, as well as one performance tweak that may or may not actually do anything.  We’ll be curious to hear more feedback on the performance thing a wider variety of scenarios and machine setups. In terms of the balance changes: 1. The Spirecraft Martyrs have […]

Track Us/DIYGamer Down At PAX Prime, Get A Free Game Or Expansion!

With the last day of PAX Prime several hours away, it may seem a bit late to mention that Arcen Games is in fact represented at the expo! While, unfortunately, we’re boothless as the timing didn’t work out for us to present a build of A Valley Without Wind; we still want to be a […]

Tidalis 85% Off On Steam

Arcen Games’ addicting puzzle game Tidalis is on sale for 85% off as Steam’s Daily Deal for today, and today only. That means until 10 AM PDT tomorrow–Wednesday, August 24–anyone can grab a copy (or copies) of Tidalis for just $1.50/€1.20/£1.05. For those new to the game, Tidalis is a block-based puzzler with casual appeal, […]

Digital Hippos and DarkstarMatryx Review Tidalis

It’s been so busy around here prepping for the A Valley Without Wind beta that we’ve slipped a bit in keeping up with sharing reviews of our games. Let’s remedy the situation right now! Two favorable reviews for Tidalis have hit relatively recently via Digital Hippos and DarkstarMatryx. Here’s a bit from each (both are […]

AI War LP Videos

Several “Let’s Play” video series for AI War have been popping up and we wanted to share! A big thanks goes out to these guys for taking the time to put all this good stuff together. YT User TheBlackworth 28-Part Let’s Play Series (Over 7 hours of footage!) YT User Upuauta’s 7-Part SMPTG Series YT […]

A Valley Without Wind #14 – Beta Gameplay Footage Part Two (Crafting!)

This time the video is all narration, and covers just about everything I would have said in a blog post after this past week.  So very short post this time, and here’s the video: Video NotesGameplay footage after about 30 weeks of development.  No music this time, sorry, as the voiceover runs throughout and is […]

AVWW: New Character Models, Time Period Details, and 17 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Arcen Games is wholly excited to announce new updates for their procedurally-generated exploration and survival game A Valley Without Wind. A ton of work has been put in over the past couple months, as the game edges closer to its first playable beta. Today includes reveals for brand new character models, the introduction of armor […]

A Valley Without Wind #13 – Beta Gameplay Footage Part One (Video)

It’s been just about two months since we last did a video of AVWW, and we’ve been very busy! This is the first true “gameplay video” that we’ve ever done, where it’s all one long un-cut stretch of in-game footage rather than a trailer with chopped-up clips. This is also the first time we’ve ever […]

New Character Concept Art For AVWW, And Time Period Details

The below images are not screenshots, but rather are un-processed original renders that then get scaled down to smaller size for actually being used in-game.  So, hence the label “concept art.” That said, this is basically how they look except smaller when it comes to the in-game running around graphics, while the in-game portraits are […]

AI War Beta 5.014, “Bulk Rate Starships,” Released!

This one is a much smaller release than the last, but I predict that its effect on gameplay will actually be just as large.  The main change here is that starship costs have been driven down substantially — reduced about 33%, in most but not all cases.  This makes the average combined metal/crystal costs of […]

WIP Screenshots of AVWW Crafting Workbenches

New WIP screenshots to share! These ones including some new art by the awesome Phil, who you might recall as the artist behind Tidalis, AI War 2.0, and The Zenith Remnant. Phil has mostly been working on freelance work with other indies since Arcen hit financial difficulties last year when Tidalis got off to a […]

AI War Beta 5.013, “Resurgent Underdogs,” Released!

This one has quite a bit of stuff, actually.  Many various “underdog” units have been made more attractive in various ways: Things that can now be scrapped that could not be before: gravity drills Cheaper knowledge costs or AI Progress costs: riot control starships scout starships gravity turrets Zenith spacetime manipulators mark II scouts armored […]