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A Valley Without Wind: Setting, Interior Generation, Explorer NPCs, and Evil Outposts

Arcen Games is pleased to show off several new additions, improvements, and changes for our upcoming survival action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind. We have a variety of items to update on this week, including interior generation, a reworking of the game’s story and setting, settlement changes, implementation of new features such as Explorer NPCs […]

A Valley Without Wind Pre-Alpha #11 — Story, Setting, Explorers, Evil Outposts, and Animations

It’s been a while since our last update — we’ve been really busy, as you might expect.  The game has now been in development for 17 weeks, but this week we don’t have a new fully-produced video mainly because we’re running short on time.  However, a number of the new animation updates that are in […]

AVWW Interior Generator (Technical Overview)

I’ll have a full developer diary #11 (no video this week, though) posted in the next day or so.  However, first I want to talk about interior floorplan generation.  This is something that I’m going to release as an open source example program in a month or two, once it’s fully polished. This past week […]

Announcing The AI War Alien Bundle And AI War Two Year Anniversary Sale!

Has It Really Been Two Years!? It seems like just yesterday that AI War 1.0 made it’s public debut, but it’s actually been two years.  And what a busy two years!  In that time we’ve released three new expansions, changed the game to the Unity 3D engine, added Mac OSX support, created our puzzle game […]

Brutal Gamer Interviews Arcen Games

Brutal Gamer’s Amy Nelson followed up her Tidalis review by interviewing us on all things Arcen and indie games. We discuss several topics including potential consoles/handheld devices we’ve considered for our games, as well as our selling points for A Valley Without Wind. Here’s one of the questions and responses from the piece: “AI War: […]

Tidalis (Mac) Reviewed on Brutal Gamer

Amy Nelson of Brutal Gamer has taken the time to have a look at the Mac version of our puzzler Tidalis. In it she touches on the amount of variety in the game, as well as discussing both the more intense and zen-like modes she came across and how they compliment one another. She concludes […]

New AVWW Q&A, Facebook Page, and Preview by Jordan Rivas

Arcen Games has a trio of items to share related to our upcoming procedurally-generated action adventure title A Valley Without Wind. CEO and lead programmer Chris Park has written up a new Q&A inspired by several questions from a user on our forums. In it, Park responds in length on a few major subjects regarding […]

Q&A: A Valley Without Wind Economies And Crafting

Thanks to some excellent questions by Flatfingers in our forum, I’m reminded to talk a bit about the economy in AVWW, as well as crafting. Q: What will the process of crafting something feel like? Will it be a simple one-step action, or can it be a sequence of steps that benefit from knowledge and […]

A Valley Without Wind Update #10: Overworld Maps, Soft Focus, and NPCs

Arcen Games is excited to share the latest update for our procedurally-generated survival action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind. Many new developments have taken place since last we checked in, highlighted by the addition of the new Soft Focus visual style, revamped Overworld sections, and tons of progress on Crafting, NPCs, Settlements and various other […]

A Valley Without Wind Pre-Alpha #10 — Overworld Maps, Soft Focus, and NPCs

It’s been a busy two weeks!  This is the game at 14 weeks of development.  The new screenshots are on the official AVWW page, and here’s the new video: Here’s a quick rundown of what is new since update #9, followed at the bottom by a few longer explanations of some of the items (overworld […]