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AI War LotS Review on Indie Game Reviewer

Over on Indie Game Reviewer Callabrantus has taken the time to check out and give his thoughts on AI War’s recently released Light of the Spire expansion. Some of the more tasty bits: “This latest entry brings with it a healthy variety of new content and features, most notably the campaign modes, while staying true […]

A Valley Without Wind: First Public Release Now Beta, New Lighting Video and Perma-Death Journal

Arcen Games would like to pass along word of a new video, developer journal and new release info for its procedurally-generated action adventure title A Valley Without Wind. We have made the significant decision to push back the first public release of AVWW to what we had originally planned for beta. For one, we feel […]

First Public Version of A Valley Without Wind To Be Beta, Not Alpha

It pains me to say that we’re delaying the first public version, but Keith and I spent a good while talking about it today, and we agree it’s for the best.  We’ve decided to scrap the idea of a public alpha, and instead are going to start with a public beta. In practical terms, what […]

A Valley Without Wind: What’s The Deal With Perma-Death?

When it comes to the perma-death mechanic, the one thing I want to make most clear is that this has no bearing on the difficulty of the game, despite what some folks might expect.  In most games with perma-death, that means that the game is very hard.  How difficult or easy this game is depends […]

A Valley Without Wind Pre-Alpha #8 — New Lighting Test

This video is just a simple lighting test showing off our new way of handling light in AVWW. The older method, using the z buffer, is still available for lower-end graphics cards and computers, but this new model looks way better, and on most computers won’t use that much more CPU/GPU! What We Were Doing: […]

AI War Beta 5.009, “Desync II: The Resyncing,” Released!

This one fixes yet another desync that Fleet and Tssbackus were the sole folks to be able to find.  Turns out you had to save your game under just the right circumstances in the middle of a big battle to get this one, which not many people presumably do, hence the rarity. This release also […]

AI War Beta 5.008, “Bad Robot, No Cookie,” Released!

This one is pretty minor, just with a few balance tweaks and a bugfix related to minor factions and zombies going off their leashes too far.  Since that one in particular is really important to some folks, we’re going ahead and releasing the patch for this today.  Enjoy! This is a standard update that you […]

A Valley Without Wind Pre-Alpha #7 — Lighting, Lava, Deserts, and Interiors

Here’s the latest video: The latest screens are collected on the A Valley Without Wind page. What’s New In This VideoThis is the game after 10 weeks of development — we missed a few weeks in there for videos because we were really tangled up with it!  Quite a number of the things in this […]

Horizontal vs Vertical Game Development Phases

This is going to be a three-post day, to hopefully. make up for having neglected the blog for three weeks.  In the last post, I talked about the design process for A Valley Without Wind, at least at a high level — that’s a complex topic, so I might write more on that in the […]

The A Valley Without Wind Design Process (And “Where Have The Videos Been?”)

Keith LaMothe and I are working together on the design and programming of A Valley Without Wind, him with the greater share of programming, me with the greater share of design, though we both do both.  This is a bit of a new process for me, despite the fact that I’ve worked with teams on […]

AI War Beta 5.007, “Zombies Are For Eating My Neighbors,” Released!

Well!  I’ve been so focused on A Valley Without Wind for the last month and a half that I really wanted to make sure AI War was getting the love it needs.  Keith has been doing updates for the game the last while, but we haven’t had any really big burn-throughs of the mantis idea […]

AI War Beta 5.006, “Raiders Of The Lost Desync,” Released!

This one fixes a desync that has been haunting my nightmares for months.  It’s been incredibly, incredibly rare, to the point that only a few players have ever even seen it.  But those players could reproduce it reliably, while almost nobody else could reproduce it at all.  Knock on wood, today that saga ends.  One […]

AI War Review on

AI War 5.0 has received a glowing review from John over on Here’s some of our favorite words: “I love that AI War is so different from every other Real-Time strategy out these days…No other strategy game that I’ve played treats the player to battles of such epic proportions…AI War: Fleet Command is a […]

AI War Beta 5.005, “The Balancer,” Released!

This one fixes a bug with savegames in 5.004, and also includes a large selection of balance tweaks requested by players since 5.0.  Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 4.000 or later. When you launch the game, you’ll see the notice of […]

AI War Beta 5.004, “The RAMinator,” Released!

This one is very exciting for me personally, because it addresses one of the hugest bugbears for me with the post-Unity-porting version of the game, which is RAM use.  As long-time players will know, we’ve already gone through a huge number of gyrations to get the per-frame RAM usage down, with great success, but the […]

AI War Beta 5.003 Released!

This one has a couple of small fixes and tweaks, but mostly focuses on the top-requested ideas from players.  Since it’s been a couple of weeks since the last release, we have a triple-dose of free DLC for you today: the ability to save and load the “controls screen” settings to your disk; a new […]

Creating 8-Bit Sound

The soundtrack for “A Valley Without Wind” is getting off to a great start. For those of you who have heard some of the music in the trailers, you’ll notice the key component in all the pieces: the 8-bit melody. It’s a sound that is not only fun to play with, but nostalgic for any […]

AVWW: Energy Lance Spell, Multiplayer Benchmark, Minimap, New Regions, Buildings and Objects

Arcen Games is pleased to share the latest info and footage for its procedurally-generated action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind. This week we reach a multiplayer benchmark, introduce the Energy Lance spell, implement the minimap feature into the HUD, add new regions, buildings, objects and more. Early multiplayer testing has gone well. In our first […]

Multiplayer, More Regions and Buildings, Minimap, and the Energy Lance

Here’s the latest video: New this week: more buildings, more general objects, and some additional regions, as well as a lot more population scripts for the existing regions.  There’s also a new Energy Lance spell, which makes cutting through big lines of objects or enemies easier (but it does lower damage to actual individual enemies).  […]