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AVWW Interview on Co-Optimus

Chris sat down with Nick Puleo of Co-Optimus for a more in-depth look at the recently revealed multiplayer and co-op features for A Valley Without Wind. In it, they discuss MMORPG aspects, retention of the isolation theme, solutions on playing together with varying levels, avoiding the grind, the first season of LOST, and much more. […]

A Valley Without Wind Progress Report 4: Multiplayer, The World Map, Regions, and Windstorms

Arcen Games continues its weekly report on its procedurally-generated action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind with information on the game’s multiplayer, server support, world map, regions, windstorms and more. Multiplayer is coming to AVWW through the support of servers. The plan is for mainly co-op play, but there’s room for pvp content if the server […]

AI War and LotS Review on IncGamers

Peter Parrish has written a great review of AI War and the Light of the Spire expansion over on IncGamers. In it he awards the game a 9 out of 10 on their review scale and sums it up as “an exceptional, unique strategy title with near-endless customization and unparalleled post-release support.” A particular excerpt […]

Multiplayer, The World Map, Regions, and Windstorms

This week there is less to visually show you for A Valley Without Wind, but it’s been a hugely productive week nonetheless.  An updated screenshot gallery is now on the main AVWW page.  And here’s the latest video: Multiplayer Perhaps the most exciting thing in progress at the moment is multiplayer.  It’s been almost two […]

AI War Beta 5.002 Released!

This one continues our bugfix/polish work, and also includes some small additional features that were the top requests on our idea tracker.  Namely: triple-clicking units allows for a new kind of selection ability; there are now keybinds for showing strong/weak info; and the selection description window in the bottom right has seen some added functionality. […]

Shadows, Traps, and Particles, Oh My!

It’s been a productive week!  The difference in the feel of the game between last week and this week is pretty astronomically huge, which is awesome because I spent at least half my time on non-AVWW business stuff this week.  That means future weeks will go even faster — but I digress. Here’s the new […]

AI War Beta 5.001 Released!

This one packs a fair number of tweaks.  It lets you bind mouse buttons beyond the first two, which is a handy new feature for players with a lot of mouse buttons.  The core triangle ships have seen some balance tuning after much discussion with players, as have reclamators and guardians.  It’s nothing that fundamentally […]

Eurogamer Reviews AI War!

It’s a balancing act, with your own strength on one side, and the AI’s opinion of you on the other. Piss it off before you’re ready to face it, and you’re going to get squashed. That moment, when you’re finally in a position to turn the tables, is about as glorious as gaming gets. – […]

AI War 5.0 and Light of the Spire Expansion Now Available on Steam

The Light of the Spire Expansion Arcen Games is proud to announce AI War: Light of the Spire, the game’s biggest expansion ever, is out now for PC and Mac on Steam. To celebrate, the base game will go for 50% off and the new add-on 10% off on Valve’s digital distribution platform until February […]

AVWW Interview on BigDownload

We have another sizable interview on A Valley Without Wind to pass along. Chris and I got together with James Murff of BigDownload to chat about Arcen and our upcoming game in detail. Topics touched upon include world-building, comparisons to other titles, pre-order plans and more. Also packed with the feature are some exclusive screens […]

Massive Content Generation Techniques In A Valley Without Wind

So!  It’s been less than a week, and a lot has changed.  I’ll start by showing the latest footage of the game: The reaction to last week’s video and screens was mostly positive, particularly when folks saw shots reflecting the actual in-game resolution, but there were common concerns about the buildings, the character’s running animation, […]

A New Look Into Old Sounds

It’s been argued that there is no such thing as “original” music anymore. That everything you hear on the radio, films, games, commercials, musicals… all of it is just a recycled revision of something already written. This copycat theory is incredibly troubling for me as a composer because I’ve dedicated my life to writing, and […]

Two-Part AVWW Interview On Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Chris recently sat down with RPS’s Phill Cameron for a nice and extensive two-part interview on all things A Valley Without Wind. There are new details and a lot more in-depth explanation on the features we talked about in our recent announcement. The pieces contain a couple of new screenshots put together exclusively for the […]

Much Progress On The A Valley Without Wind Art

Figured out a lot of stuff today for improving the art, and actually improved the framerate massively while I was at it.  See above, and click for the fullsized screenshot (from the Unity Editor) if you like. Instead of rendering quite so many short, tame grasses, I’ve taken the original renderings that I did and […]

The Art Pipeline For A Valley Without Wind

This was originally posted in a comment thread over at Gamers With Jobs, but I’ve been meaning to talk about the art pipeline for A Valley Without Wind for a while over here, too.  So here we go! For those curious on how I’m doing the art, it’s a pretty huge pipeline: – Characters and […]

First A Valley Without Wind Screens And Video!

[Cary, NC] — February 4, 2011 — Arcen Games, developer of the cult classic and ever-evolving space strategy game AI War: Fleet Command, is excited to announce its third full title A Valley Without Wind, a procedurally-generated action-adventure game coming this year to PC and Mac. AVWW is a complete departure from what Arcen has previously […]

Update On Children Of Neinzul Donations For Child’s Play: We Hit Our Goal!

As of February 3rd, 2011, we have so far raised and donated $14,798.42!  We missed our 2010 goal by about $4,000, but less than a month later we made it!  Most of the money earned by our games is actually paid on “net 30” or “net 60” terms to us, meaning that the money that […]

What’s Coming Up For AI War?

Version 5.0 is out most places (not yet Steam, but that’s coming) along with the latest massive expansion, Light of the Spire.  This is a big milestone!  And you might notice that the next expansion isn’t due until late this year at the earliest.  So what happens in the meantime? Well, our take on the […]