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AI War Beta 4.042, Light of the Spire Coming In January, Tidalis Update Coming, Alden Ridge News

This release includes a lot of highly anticipated fixes to the way waves have been working recently.  The core higher-difficulty-than-in-the-post-2.0-versions new style of waves are still there, but there were a number of glitches in recent versions that were causing occasional tiny waves, occasional monstrous waves, and in general counterattacks that were absolutely brutal.  My […]

Arcen Store Cyber Monday 60% Off Sale!

Hot on the heels of the Steam Indie Puzzle Pack sale, which has now closed, we have another deal for you: anything you want from the Arcen Games Store for 60% off!  Now through December 1st, to give stragglers time to get in their orders.  Now’s your chance to pick up some excellent deals!

Steam One Day sale – Indie Puzzle Pack

Tidalis is a part of Steam’s Indie Puzzle Pack, a one day sale. At the time of writing this there is only 14 hours remaining to get this sale. 5 great games for 5$: Grab them while it’s hot!

AI War Beta 4.041, “The Reincarnate,” Released!

Good lord.  This release is probably the longest list of release notes we’ve ever generated for a single day.  And it’s not just a lot of little stuff — though there are a ton of small balance tweaks and bugfixes here.  There’s some really heavy-hitting changes for both the base game and Light of the […]

AI War Beta 4.040 Released!

This release doesn’t quite make the Light of the Spire expansion “feature complete,” but it does come close.  This version adds the last 3 classes of guardians, now bringing the total number of ships in the expansion up to 180, and so we’re calling it at that as far as ships go.  We’d thought we […]

AI War Beta 4.039 Released!

This release brings us very near to the end of the content-addition phase of the Light of the Spire beta, and into the polish/balance/bugfixes phase.  Since Keith is done with the Fallen Spire minor faction, he’s already into the polish phase, but I’ve still got another three classes of guardians and another two classes of […]

AI War Beta 4.038 Released!

This release is a ridiculously massive one; two days’ worth of stuff is a ton in Arcen land.  The big new stuff here is twofold: the last of the episodes for the Fallen Spire minor faction scripted story campaign (say that five times fast), and the first of the new Spirecraft ships. For the Fallen […]

It Rocks When Indies Cooperate

The article UK Dev Gets Off Arse – Makes Indie Portal on Spong talks about, something that Arcen — and 19 other indie developers, including Positech, 2D Boy, and many others — have been quietly working on for the last month or two.  Time flies, I forget exactly how long it’s been. And I […]

AI War Beta 4.037 Released!

This release is another biggie.  Where to even begin…  Well, for one thing the Fallen Spire minor faction has seen yet more updates, balance tweaks, and bugfixes, and now also has episode 8 in place.  Getting near to the end on that story-based campaign arc, now! There are also six new map types for the […]

AI War Beta 4.036 Released!

This release is a maintenance patch for a few issues with the last patch that we wanted to resolve before our next full release tonight. This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 4.000 or later. When you launch the game, you’ll see the notice […]

AI War Beta 4.035 Released!

This release is pretty darn huge.  The main draws are episode 7 of the Fallen Spire story-driven minor faction campaign-within-a-campaign, and the 30 new ships (5 each in 6 new bonus ship classes) for players and the AI to enjoy. There will be 9 new bonus ship classes in all in this expansion, the first […]

2010 Indie Of The Year Awards

Greetings Arcen fans! We wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that three of our games are on the selection list for the 2010 Indie Of The Year Awards. The selection is very simple, as it’s up to the fans to get the games to the next Top 50 round! All you […]

AI War Beta 4.034 Released!

This release brings more bugfixes and balance goodies, as well as episode 6 of the Fallen Spire story-driven minor faction campaign-within-a-campaign.  It’s late and it’s been a very long day, so for now I’ll just refer you to the release notes above.  There’s a lot of changes in this version, but they’re all over the […]

Nostalgia: Final Fantasy VI Is An Allegory (And, “When I Was A Paperboy”)

I just today realized this.  It goes without saying that there are major spoilers ahead for FFVI, so if you haven’t played that game yet you should stop reading.  And go play that game.  Right now.  To me, it’s the best game ever made. But I digress.  I said it was an allegory.  Usually when […]

AI War Beta 4.033 Released!

This release includes some bugfixes and balance fixes, as well as episode 5 of the Fallen Spire story campaign.  The Fallen Spire story is really coming together at this stage, and this also has a lot of refinements to the prior episodes. Also of significance is that the model for how big waves are has […]

AI War Beta 4.032 Released!

This release adds a bunch of stuff.  For the base game, that includes a number of balance tweaks to make the Heavy and UltraHeavy hull types not quite as hard-countered by bombers and the like, and some performance tweaks.  It also has some minor interface tweaks and extensions, as well as a few other balance […]

AI War Beta 4.031 Released!

Today’s release has yet more Fallen Spire minor faction stuff, basically adding a third “episode” to the story progression of that minor faction.  We won’t say anything more about that, for risk of spoilers, but it’s cool as always with the Fallen Spire work. :) Also notable in this release is a new Ship Design […]

AI War Beta 4.030 Released!

Today’s release has a number of important bugfixes from the prior version, including a fix to the AIs only getting the basic triangle ships to start out in new campaigns.  It also fixes a longer-term issue with the AI Carriers, um, never appearing and always being barracks instead of carriers. More exciting is a bunch […]

AI War Beta 4.029 Released!

This update has a goodly bit of stuff in it.  First off are a mix of bugfixes and balance tweaks for both Light of the Spire and the base game, most notably relating to bomber starships and turrets. Secondly, the first version of the Fallen Spire minor faction for LotS is now in there.  As […]

AI War Beta 4.028 — The First Light of the Spire Beta — Released!

This update fixes a few small things for the main game, and then includes the first of the new content for Light of the Spire!  Also, preorders are now open for Light of of the Spire (it’s a full expansion, so $9.99).  Right now it’s just available through the Arcen store, as is generally the […]

AI War Beta 4.025 Released!

This update fixes a few small things, among them perhaps the most hilarious bug we’ve yet had.  In the prior beta version, the Mark I scouts basically “went postal” and suddenly had guns.  About half the time they’d attack, giving themselves away and getting themselves quickly killed (while stirring up potentially massive numbers of AI […]

Update On Donations For Child’s Play, Arcen Financials, Light of the Spire, Alden Ridge News

It’s that time again!  As of October 31st, 2010, we have so far raised and donated $1,640.80 for the Child’s Play charity via sales of our Children of Neinzul micro-expansion for AI War — and that’s just with preorders! Bear in mind that the money that was generated in October via distributors like Steam and […]

AI War Beta 4.024 Released!

This update is focused on balance changes.  The big thing that has changed is the cost structure of higher-mark ships.  They are now significantly and predictably higher-cost than their lower-level counterparts, which means two things: the lower tier ships are once again more useful (due to a better cost-to-benefit ratio), and the late game requires […]

AI War Beta 4.023 Released!

This update has a wide variety of fixes and updates into it.  It also has the first beginnings of the upcoming Light of the Spire expansion in it, although you won’t be able to see or enabled (even in trial mode) those new additions just yet.  Later this week it will open for trial and […]