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AI War Beta 3.711 Released, Remaster/CoN Music Released!

This release is just a bugfix version that resolves some important issues (including a crash bug in the prior release).  There will be another release tonight with actual new stuff. However, today is already exciting because the long-awaited release of the remastered music — and the new Children of Neinzul tracks — is today!  We […]

AI War Beta 3.710 Released

Second release in one day!  This release has a ton of good stuff.  There are a bunch more performance improvements (and tools for gauging your performance), the force fields have been updated and look awesome, more of the context menu is now in place, and the rest of the new “niche images” to tell the […]

AI War Beta 3.709 Released

This one is just a small release, overall, with some key bugfixes to the last version.  That said, however, there is a new implementation of the context menu, which we know a lot of people have been waiting for — so yay!  There’s also a couple of smaller balance tweaks in there. This is a […]

AI War Beta 3.708, “The Salve,” Released

I don’t know why these prerelease names keep coming to me, but I imagine they won’t keep up.  If the last release was the sledge hammer, where we burst through a bunch of walls and floors and started remodeling, this release is continuing the remodeling work — and, even more importantly, healing some of those […]

AI War Beta 3.707, “The Sledge Hammer,” Released

We normally aren’t in the habit of naming our beta releases — they come too frequently, and generally have too little individually to warrant such a thing.  However, this particular release is an exception.  We basically took a sledge hammer to a goodly number of parts of the game (kitchen, dining room, you know), and […]

AI War Beta 3.704 and 3.705 Released.

A new version of the full installer, with all the full music tracks for Children of Neinzul plus the new/remastered tracks for AI War and The Zenith Remnant, will be forthcoming soon.  However, that takes a while to upload and prepare, and in the meantime we have a non-music-bearing patch that you can download of […]

The Reticule: Chris Park On Finances and Games

“Chris Park is the wonderfully open and honest chap who heads up indie studio Arcen Games, he has been extremely open about the financial troubles the company has been going through recently, excellently detailed here on PC Gamer.  I knew I had to talk to him about everything that was going on both financially and […]

AI War Beta 3.703 Released.

Lots and lots of good stuff in this one.  To whit: Some of the not-yet-ported galaxy map controls have now been ported. New options for unloading transports have been created (people have wanted that for a while) The tutorials are now back in place and the first two have been updated content-wise. A bunch of […]

Update On Children Of Neinzul Donations For Child’s Play

It’s that time again!  As of September 31st, 2010, we have so far raised and donated $1090.38 for the Child’s Play charity via sales of our Children of Neinzul micro-expansion for AI War — and that’s just with preorders! We look to be well on our way to hitting our goal of $14,000.00 for the […]

AI War Beta 3.702 Released.

Lots of bugfixes and balance tweaks in this one.  Also a number of performance improvements, especially to cutting out the lag in the lobby from the last few releases.  A few GUI tweaks also made it in, hopefully making the interface easier than ever to visually parse and use.  Enjoy! P.S. — This is a […]

Punchbag Artists

In this recent article at Resolution Magazine, Joel Goodwin discusses the effect of destructive criticism on game developers.  Yours truly is one of a handful of developers quoted in there a couple of times, which is cool, but it’s a rather important article regardless of my ties to it.  In the end, I think Gabe […]

AI War Beta 3.701 Released!

Hot off the heels of the recent 3.700 beta of the new AI War 4 comes this new bugfix-laden version.  Seriously, that’s a lot of release notes for it having been the weekend!  Predictably, there were a number of issues with the prior beta version, and this new beta resolves most of the serious reports; […]

AI War 4 Beta 3.700 Released!

Well!  It’s been a long time since we’ve done a beta release.  About a month, which around here is just absolutely ages.  The porting of AI War to the new engine has been… intense.  No more so than we knew it would be, but that’s still quite a challenge. That said, we’ve been busy adding […]