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AI War and the hidden cost of indie games

We’re still hard at work on the AI War 4.0 work, which should be hitting the initial public beta today or tomorrow (for real this time).  In the meantime, if you’re interested in facts and figures about the costs of indie game development, you might enjoy this article that came out on PC Gamer’s website […]

Dev Log – AI War “Midnight Starfields”

View Larger Version Exclusive first peek at a new music track coming in AI War 4.0! Check out how the tempo shifts around 1:40 or so in the video — Pablo’s outdid himself, as usual. The entire AI War (and The Zenith Remnant) soundtrack is fully remastered for the upcoming AI War 4.0, but there […]

Recent Reviews For Tidalis And AI War

 Tidalis: “It’s evident from the onset that a vast amount of passion was poured into this game, from the superb piano-and-string musical score to the detailed and smoothly animated backgrounds… Seriously, the effort poured into this game cannot be stressed enough. You can submit scores to twitter, customize the appearance of blocks, even directly edit […]

A Point of Clarification: We’re Debt Free

The fact that Arcen is debt-free is an important point, and I wanted to make sure that didn’t get lost in the larger posts from the other days.  Why is that so relevant?  It means that, in the grand scheme, the company as an entity is in no danger of disappearing whatsoever. Even in this […]

Wow, a lot of people love AI War and/or Tidalis…

MANY, many thanks here, everyone.  A lot of great ideas came up through the forums discussion on this, as well as in the comments on my last post, as well as on Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s post about this, as well as elsewhere.  Some great work has already been done getting the word out the press, […]

Love AI War and/or Tidalis? We could really use your help…

Most game companies probably wouldn’t share this stuff, and certainly not on their front page, but as our fans know we’re not like most game companies.  So… To put it bluntly and briefly, at present we’re only bringing in about one half of the minimum money we need to survive as a company, and that’s […]

Reminder – Tidalis “Design A Block” Contest

Don’t forget Tidalis’ design the next block contest! We already got some interesting ideas and there’s still some time left until the next free DLC. Get a chance for your idea to be actually added in the core official game.

Tidalis, Game of the week at GamersGate! – 30% Off

Tidalis is currently 30% off at GamersGate! Get it while it’s hot!

Tidalis: Original Soundtrack

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment to let you know that if you like the music from “Tidalis”, then the original soundtrack is now available on iTunes! You can log on to the iTunes store from your personal computer and search for “Tidalis” or “Pablo Vega”. You can also follow this link: Tidalis: Original […]