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Wearing Multiple Hats, PR, And The Secrets To Success As An Indie

I’ve written a couple of new articles today targeted at new or aspiring indie developers. The first about the challenges of wearing multiple hats as well as some PR-related stuff.  Essentially, many indie developers seem to struggle with balancing the business side of their work with the game-development side of their work.  I know I […]

The Secrets Of My Success As An Indie Developer

So, in my last post I talked about how I botched the PR for Tidalis, and mentioned that I’d started out with very poor PR when AI War first came out, too.  In the case of AI War, the game was utterly invisible until it actually came out, and then for the first two weeks […]

Wearing Multiple Hats Is Tough, And PR Is Important

This has been a productive week for me, in terms of me getting a lot of things done, but it wasn’t the work I’d intended to get done, or the type of work I am normally accustomed to — so I’ve been feeling guilty and stressed.  Ever have that happen to you?  It’s been something […]

Bill Harris of “Dubious Quality” Reviews Tidalis

“This is easily the most interesting, unique gameplay mechanic I’ve ever seen in a puzzle game. It’s terrific.” Bill Harris

Tidalis for Mac Chosen As Brothersoft Editor’s Pick

Tidalis has been chosen as an Editor’s Pick for Mac Games on the Brothersoft download site.  Nice!

The Reticule: The Rise of Mac (and Linux) Gaming

Chris Evans from The Reticule recently wrote a rather interesting article about how Mac (and Linux) gaming is on the rise lately.  He interviewed Doug Lombardi from Valve, as well as a number of indie developers, including Chris Park from Arcen.  Particularly interesting is the discrepancy in opinions between long-term Mac-only developers (who seemed rather […]

More Tidalis Reviews!

“Having played a variety of games in different genres, I will say it has been awhile since I have found such a great PC puzzle game. Seeing me testing this game for the review, my fiance even gave this game a try, leading to us buying a second copy of the game for its multiplayer […]

Some of the first Tidalis reviews are in, and the game is getting top marks!

“Tidalis is a match-3 game that doesn’t feel tired or repetitive: I actually want to play it, which says something considering how many puzzle games I’ve reviewed. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Tidalis is one of the best puzzle game I’ve ever played. Simply put, if you like puzzle games (and […]

Official Steam Community Group For Tidalis

For those interested in Steam Community Groups, there is now an official one for Tidalis:

Two Articles About Arcen In the Chapel Hill Herald-Sun!

There was an article just yesterday in the Chapel Hill Herald-Sun about the upcoming for-charity micro expansion that we’re doing for AI War. I didn’t even know that article was going to be coming out! Charity accesses games for children’s hospitals This is the main article that was in the Chapel Hill Herald-Sun yesterday, discussing […]

Tidalis Officially Launches — and 10% off for a week!

The day that puzzle fans have been waiting for has finally arrived!  After three months in public beta, the official version of Tidalis has finally launched!  The game is now out on Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive, GamersGate, myGameIQ (who just had their own launch this week, too, by the way),, and our own site store. […]