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AI War and Zenith Remnant Bundle 66% Off During Steam’s Summer Sale

Today through July 4th, there’s an incredible discount on AI War: Fleet Command and AI War: The Zenith Remnant via the Steam “Perils of Summer” sale! We’re experimenting a bit by trying out a discount rate of 66%, which is unusually large for us. We recently did something similar with Direct2Drive, and now we’re trying […]

Response to “The Kotaku Review”

The Kotaku Review is a great article by Jordan Rivas, presenting what I think is a healthy way of thinking about game reviews. I’ll let you read the full article, but the basic gist is that the numeric scores are meaningless (which lots of folks have said), and that the long-form describe-everything-in-the-game-briefly is fundamentally flawed […]

Tidalis Beta 0.854 Released (Gargantuan Updates) and New Videos

It’s been a while since we’ve done an update to the installer for Tidalis, but if you’ve been following the Tidalis forums or the budding Tidalis wiki, you already know that the game has been seeing massive nearly-weekly public beta releases since mid-April. The latest version, 0.854, represents the culmination of everything we wanted to […]