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Curatorial Vs Exploratory Game Design

Two big trends in game design these days are “cinematic” game design (ala Uncharted 2), and “sandbox” games (ala Grand Theft Auto). These are trendy things to talk about, and tons of people have really strong opinions about one or the other type of game for various reasons. However, I think that both cinematic and […]

Designing Emergent AI, Part 6: The “Tempo,” and AI vs. Player Agency

In the fifth installment of this series, I talked about the reasons for not over-engineering AIs and thus letting them fall into traps by making them too predictable. That was intended to be the final article in the series, unless more questions came up that I needed to address. Recently a new topic has arisen, […]

AI War 3.120 Released!

Arcen’s primary focus has still been on Tidalis since the release of our last massive 3.060 update to AI War: Fleet Command, but nonetheless a ton has been happening over the last few months with our massive strategy title. The AI has learned some new tricks, performance and balance are better than ever, Golems (from […]

Like Chess, A Game Of AI War Has Three Abstract “Phases”

Normally I don’t cross-post topics from the Arcen Wiki, but this one I wrote tonight, and was so fundamental and helpful in explaining many of the intricacies of AI War in broad terms that I thought it would be a worthwhile one to share directly here on my blog. Q: The game doesn’t seem to […]

All Advice You Hear (Even From Me) Is Wrong

Bold statement, no? But this is a pretty simple post, actually. It shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone that we live in a complex world, but we tend to rely on mental models that oversimplify things. Even without discussing heuristics and the problems those can create, we can simply think of this in terms of […]

Tidalis Beta 0.407 Released, Major Updates and New Videos

Version 0.407 of Tidalis, which has been inwork for a surprisingly long amount of time for one of our beta updates, is now out. If you look at the full features list, you can definitely see why it took more time than usual. The major new feature here is multi-well co-op play on the local […]

AI War and Zenith Remnant Bundle 67% Off This Weekend At Direct2Drive

The fourth week of Direct2Drive’s spring sale continues, and this week there’s an incredible discount on an AI War bundle! The promotion only runs for another 5 days, so be sure to check it out! This bundle is about the lowest price you’re likely to see AI War for some time to come.