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Week-Long Steam Sale: AI War and Zenith Remnant 50% Off!

If you or someone you know hasn’t yet taken the plunge into AI War or its first expansion, now’s a great time to pick it up! Today is the start of a week-long sale at Steam on both AI War: Fleet Command and AI War: The Zenith Remnant. If you’re already an AI War player, […]

Indie Game News: Exclusive Screenshots: Tidalis now on Unity3D

Over at Indie Game News, where Arcen’s Chris Park is a contributing writer, we’ve revealed a new screenshot of our upcoming puzzle game Tidalis, along with major news: Arcen is going cross-platform with a move to Unity 3D. It is not yet certain whether or not that will affect AI War down the road, but […]

Q&A: PC Indie Game Sales Numbers

I get mail from time to time from aspiring indies, and recently I was asked an intriguing question: “The fact is that I have no idea what is the average number of sales for indie pc games… more like 10,000 or 30,000? More? Less? I know it’s around 50 000 for XBLA titles but I […]

Announcing… The Indie Strategy Bundle!

Indie developers Arcen Games, Cryptic Comet, and Positech Games have joined forces to bring strategy fans the ultimate bundle: Gratuitous Space Battles + The Tribe Expansion, Solium Infernum, and AI War + The Zenith Remnant Expansion. This weekend only, the three companies are offering this special package for a mere $49.99 (for the math impaired, […]

Playing Well With Others

Okay, so you’ve seen the post I made about the Indie Strategy Bundle, which was just a re-post of Cliff’s, Vic’s, and my press release. Cliff and Vic, naturally, made much more interesting posts on their own blogs, talking about the context of the bundle, their own feelings about it, etc. I thought I’d add […]

AI War 3.060 Released!

Since January, Arcen’s focus has shifted from large-scale development of AI War to our other upcoming titles — with AI War, our intent had been to simply maintain and refine the existing game, while adding a handful of exciting new features every month as free DLC.  As you may imagine, therefore, we were quite surprised […]