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Holiday Roundup

It’s been an incredibly busy time here at Arcen in the last two months, what with Pablo and Chris coming on fulltime and all the paperwork and business stuff that entails, the ongoing development of The Zenith Remnant, our further pre-development of art and design for our next two titles (the first two previews for […]

Previews Of Upcoming Arcen Titles

Work is still in progress on The Zenith Remnant, AI War’s first expansion (due out in the second week of January), but Arcen is finally ready to show some previews of their upcoming projects for 2010. The first preview is a bit brief, but gives you a sneak peek mainly at the art of the […]

Fire Sales In Digital Distribution

Right now there’s a huge sale going on at Steam, with many games (including AI War) being on large discount. In a recent comment thread over at Rock, Paper Shotgun, some people were wondering how these sorts of sales affect the profits made by indie developers. I commented there, but thought I’d also turn this […]

Gaming Dead: Chris Park Talks AI War, Indie Strategy and Post-Launch Support

Gaming Dead: “In a recent interview with Gaming Dead, Arcen Games’ Chris Park, developer of the eight player co-op massive RTS title AI War: Fleet Command elaborated on how he’s implementing a post-launch support model in the form of free monthly DLC updates in the interest of seeing the game become the largest strategy title […]

Gaming Nexus: Chris Park Interviewed About Design And Development of AI War

Gaming Nexus recently conducted an interview with Chris Park about AI War, the Arcen Games design philosophy, and a lot of interesting questions about the development/distribution/support of the game itself. Read The Interview

Encapsulated Businesses For Indie Development

Justin Vincent recently wrote a blog post about what he calls the Venture Matrix, which is basically a way to create a huge company out of a lot of little companies– or, alternatively/additionally to make it easier to launch successful startup companies. It’s a long article, and it starts out with a lot of semi-tangential […]

Design Mostly Right: Co-Op In New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This post is a response to the co-op review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Co-Optimus. I’m a longtime fan of co-optimus, and so I found it interesting that they gave NSMBW a 2.5/5 on their co-op review, and a 4.5/5 overall. I’ve had the game for a few days now, and have made […]

Indie XMas, And The Start Of A New Adventure

First off, let me plug the Indie Games Xmas 2009 Calendar. This was something originally proposed over on the excellent GameProducer blog, which we at Arcen quickly knew we wanted to be a part of. The idea is that this is an Advent Calendar wherein every day a new indie game, trailer, or similar is […]