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Holiday Roundup

It’s been an incredibly busy time here at Arcen in the last two months, what with Pablo and Chris coming on fulltime and all the paperwork and business stuff that entails, the ongoing development of The Zenith Remnant, our further pre-development of art and design for our next two titles (the first two previews for […]

Previews Of Upcoming Arcen Titles

Work is still in progress on The Zenith Remnant, AI War’s first expansion (due out in the second week of January), but Arcen is finally ready to show some previews of their upcoming projects for 2010. The first preview is a bit brief, but gives you a sneak peek mainly at the art of the […]

Fire Sales In Digital Distribution

Right now there’s a huge sale going on at Steam, with many games (including AI War) being on large discount. In a recent comment thread over at Rock, Paper Shotgun, some people were wondering how these sorts of sales affect the profits made by indie developers. I commented there, but thought I’d also turn this […]

Gaming Dead: Chris Park Talks AI War, Indie Strategy and Post-Launch Support

Gaming Dead: “In a recent interview with Gaming Dead, Arcen Games’ Chris Park, developer of the eight player co-op massive RTS title AI War: Fleet Command elaborated on how he’s implementing a post-launch support model in the form of free monthly DLC updates in the interest of seeing the game become the largest strategy title […]

Gaming Nexus: Chris Park Interviewed About Design And Development of AI War

Gaming Nexus recently conducted an interview with Chris Park about AI War, the Arcen Games design philosophy, and a lot of interesting questions about the development/distribution/support of the game itself. Read The Interview

Encapsulated Businesses For Indie Development

Justin Vincent recently wrote a blog post about what he calls the Venture Matrix, which is basically a way to create a huge company out of a lot of little companies– or, alternatively/additionally to make it easier to launch successful startup companies. It’s a long article, and it starts out with a lot of semi-tangential […]

Design Mostly Right: Co-Op In New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This post is a response to the co-op review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Co-Optimus. I’m a longtime fan of co-optimus, and so I found it interesting that they gave NSMBW a 2.5/5 on their co-op review, and a 4.5/5 overall. I’ve had the game for a few days now, and have made […]

Indie XMas, And The Start Of A New Adventure

First off, let me plug the Indie Games Xmas 2009 Calendar. This was something originally proposed over on the excellent GameProducer blog, which we at Arcen quickly knew we wanted to be a part of. The idea is that this is an Advent Calendar wherein every day a new indie game, trailer, or similar is […]

DarkZero Review of AI War

My views of indie games have forever been altered. When was the last time you played an indie game that contained the amount of content of several retail games? If you have ever played and enjoyed Sins of a Solar Empire but cried because you couldn’t play it on a laptop or that the scale […]

Thanksgiving Special! 25% Off Arcen Titles

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, we’re having our first multi-product discount sale on our site!   Enter code BLLR0018P to get a 25% discount on all games bought directly from Arcen through 11/30/2009.  This means that you can pick up AI War: Fleet Command for $14.99 USD, and/or preorder AI […]

AceGamez Review of AI War

[I]f you love realistic, complex and thorough space-based real time strategies, purchase this game right now as it is an aspiring space commander’s dream. – Tom Clark, AceGamez

The Claw – Google Wave with Chris Park

The Claw has recently conducted a massive Google Wave interview with Chris Park about AI War, other upcoming Arcen titles, Chris’s design philosphy and inspirations, and the future for Arcen Games in general. Read The Interview

Gaming Nexus Review of AI War

For me, it’s a rare thing indeed for a game to move from total obscurity to a fixed place on my hard drive in the course of a handful of days… [AI War] is just brimming with innovative twists on the 4X-style RTS. – Tyler Sager, Gaming Nexus

Three Moves Ahead Episode 37 — Chris Park and AI War: Fleet Command

Three Moves Ahead is the official podcast of Flash of Steel, and commonly features really high quality discussion of strategy games for hardcore gamers, and interviews with industry giants — Brad Wardell, Soren Johnson, and others.  Episode 37 features Troy Goodfellow and Tom Chick talking with Chris Park, the lead designer of AI War about […]

Big Download Review of AI War

AI War is, quite simply, the best experience you could have with co-op or single-player real-time strategy in this or any year. It combines grand strategy with emergent AI to form an excellent game perfect for parties and multiplayer. It is easily worth double the price that the developer is selling it at, and anyone […]

The Zenith Remnant Now Available For Preorder!

Arcen Games is pleased to announce that The Zenith Remnant, the first expansion to its popular space RTS AI War, is now available for preorder.  This expansion is still in the early stages of development, but we’re making the alpha/beta versions available to anyone on a trial basis, and in full for anyone who preorders, […]

Design Right: Demon’s Souls

In this new feature, Design Right, I’m going to look at games other than my own — specifically, at certain things that other games do right. I spend a lot of time thinking about other games and what they do well, and I think it’s useful for discussion. So. Demon’s Souls, for the PS3. Yes, […]

AI War 25% Off Sale!

Get AI War on your platform of choice! Direct2Drive (UK link) and Stardock’s Impulse have joined Steam in our 25% off promotion, available for a limited time. The Steam and Direct2Drive sales end on the 27th, and the Impulse sale ends on the 26th.

Co-Optimus Review of AI War

[AI War] manages to propel the RTS genre forward and beyond its usual trappings with an innovation that is so simple it’s amazing it hasn’t been done previously, while still managing to keep the spirit of those classic RTS games alive.  Best of all, it does so with one key element in mind: co-op is […]

IncGamers AI War Diary

IncGamers has been keeping an AI War co-op diary chronicling some recent games with players who are fresh out of the tutorials. Read part 1 hereRead part 2 here

AI War on Fidgit

Just a heads up that Tom Chick has posted a small piece on Fidgit (the gaming blog) noting the new features, and availability via Steam etc. Well done on getting the game out to Steam and the other digital distributions, I hope the game sells a bundle and the community here expands exponentially. Top […]

AI War 2.0 (Achievements, Leaderboards, Steam and Direct2Drive!)

Arcen Games is very pleased to announce the release of AI War: Fleet Command version 2.0, which marks the culmination of our long-running post-release overhaul. To see just how epic this journey has been, take a look at this: AI War 2.0 vs. 1.0, A Retrospective. The cumulative post-release notes, included near the end, are […]

Co-Optimus Interview With Chris Park About AI War

Co-Optimus interviews Chris Park, the developer of AI War, about the game in general but of course the co-op aspects in particular.  Park is a huge proponent of co-op in general in gaming, so was very excited to have an interview that focused so heavily on those aspects, which are often just a minor bullet […]

Article in The Herald-Sun About Pablo Vega, AI War’s Composer

The Herald-Sun recently did an article about Pablo Vega, Arcen Games’ composer.  Pablo has a lot of exciting things going on his life (local TV pilot, concert with his friend Anoop), and AI War is just one of them.  To read more about him, including is prodigious start as a musician, click over to the […]

Free Graphics For Indie Developers!

Here’s the link: Download The AI War 2.0 Graphics Library And here’s the contents of our readme file: ————————————————————-AI War 2.0 Graphics Library: Free To Use For Indie Developers————————————————————- I’m going to keep this as brief as possible, for the sake of clarity. This library contains the graphics for the indie space RTS AI War: […]

Diehard GameFAN Review of AI War

Sure, the genres are different, and the settings couldn’t be more varied, but here we go. A.I. War: Fleet Command is more addictive than Diablo II. … A.I. War: Fleet Command is the rare game that comes along out of nowhere and makes you pay attention. … It won’t break the bank, you don’t need […]

Cheat Code Central Review of AI War

AI War: Fleet Command provides the kind of gameplay depth rarely seen in today’s mainstream RTS offerings, and it does so with one dimension tied behind its back. – Derek Hidey, Cheat Code Central

Gamer Limit Review of AI War

While the casual gamer will find the sheer volume of this game very intimidating, AIW:CF will undoubtedly have a strong draw to the RTS enthusiast. Because of its support for a vast number of units, and exploration of a seemingly endless planetary system, it will leave gamers playing the same map for hours on end. […]